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Assassins Creed Chronicles missed out on the consoles when it launched, these spin off's offer a fresh take on the series, turning from a third person game to a beautiful side scroller, the spinoff [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) Chronicles games India and Russia will both be headed to Xbox One and PS4 in January. India will release on January 12th and after Russia on February 12th.

Ubisoft made the announcement today which also includes the Chronicles Trilogy pack with the China spinoff as well. The pack will be available digitally the same day as the India release, January 9th on XBOX One and PS4 while Vita will get the pack on April 5th.

The Chronicles series is a different take on the Assassin's Creed genre as it opens game play up to a 2.5D side scroller opposed to the open world games we are used to. The second episode, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, throws players into the tension between the Sikh Empire and the private armies of the British-owned East India Company in 1841. When a Master Templar arrives with a mysterious item that used to belong to the Assassin Order, Arbaaz Mir must discover why the Templar has come, steal back the item and protect his friends and his lover

The final episode, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, takes place in 1918 when Assassin Nikolaï Orelov must complete one last mission for the Assassin Order before he can leave with his family. His mission: infiltrate the house where the Tsar’s family is being held by the Bolsheviks and steal an artifact that has been fought over by Assassins and Templars for centuries. While too late to save the Tsar’s entire family, he manages to save the princess, Anastasia, whom he must protect as he escapes the Templars with her and the artifact in tow

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