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It says a lot about your product when a hypothetical game has a better concept than a confirmed one. But I suppose gamers can dream up some pretty awesome concepts. In any case, when it comes to the future of one of the most beloved franchises of all time, fans have mixed opinions concerning upcoming instalments.

Pokemon Z hasn't been confirmed yet (we all know it will be) but it's to be the followup to both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which introduced some great new innovations to the classic formula. But we also have Pokemon GO on the horizon - an augmented reality game that'll finally bring Pokemon into the real world thanks to our mobile devices. With both of these titles in mind, let's observe some fan reactions.

Pokemon GO & Pokemon Z: Where Do You Stand?

Pokemon Z
Pokemon Z

Pokemon GO is selling a fantasy: the notion that Pokemon could surround us in our ever day lives. It's a really exciting prospect, and we sincerely hope that the game will actually succeed in delivering an enjoyable experience for millions of fans around the world.

However, we know the reputation that augmented reality games have. Very few of them have succeeded in the past, and a lot of them just feel like gimmicks. Therefore, while the trailer for the game was excellent at building hype, fans are remaining cautiously optimistic about the idea. As they should be, I suppose.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

On the other hand, we have the prospects of an incredible sequel to Pokemon X and Y! We've already seen what's happening with new Pokemon - such as Zygarde and his perfect form - and fans are loving it. Therefore, the idea of having them included in a new 3DS adventure is crazily exciting. There are a ton of new features that we can see Pokemon Z including - such as a new narrative, new difficulty options, and more Post-Elite Four content.

So when fans have come together to discuss the future of Pokemon and these two games, Pokemon GO has often been discussed with an air of caution. We don't want to be disappointed by yet another augmented reality game. However, we still have faith in the Pokemon IP and they've been able to make some impossible ideas work in the past. Why not with Pokemon GO?

Which Release Date Has Your Attention?


So where do you stand on these two games? Personally, we feel like Pokemon GO is something that could be a bit of fun, but will ultimately fail to capture our attention in a meaningful way - we hope we're proven wrong. Pokemon Z is something that we're all dying to see, we're just going to have to wait for a release date announcement.

But what about you guys? Are you excited for both of these projects? Do you think that both of these titles will succeed? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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