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Jessica Jones is Marvel's best TV show so far. The reason for this is that it's just so different from the formula that the comic empire has been relying on for the last few years. Jessica Jones is a nice antidote for the smug Joss Whedon-tainted direction that the Marvel universe has taken. I'd like to pop my handsome head up and state that Jessica Jones is the best female character that Marvel has produced.

Actually looks pretty comfortable
Actually looks pretty comfortable

I don't want to get bogged down in a debate about gender politics as that would be a) extremely subjective and b) f**king tiresome but this show got me thinking about women (not in a creepy way. For once). The thing that makes Jessica Jones such an interesting female lead is that she has many many flaws. She has a drink problem, she's a surly cow, and most importantly she's incredibly stupid. It's these personality traits that flesh Jessica out. She avoids all of the pitfalls that women in action movies and shows tend to fall into (as expertly detailed in my post Full Metal Bitches).

Jessica isn't overly sexualised. She dresses like a normal person, is a total slob, and lives in a crappy apartment. Marvel's female heroes usually run around in skintight cat suits (see Black Widow) but Jessica Jones makes do with her jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket combo. The trend in superhero flicks is for the women to be sexy kung-fu experts who leap around, do the splits, and wrap their legs around their victims elegantly before knocking them out. Elegant certainly isn't a word you could apply to Jessica, she has super strength and is essentially a brawler, throwing huge punches, throwing bad guys into walls, and generally fighting rough.

There's nothing graceful about Jessica's fighting s
There's nothing graceful about Jessica's fighting s

It's so refreshing to see a girl who is far from perfect. She's like the antithesis of what is known on TV Tropes as a 'Mary Sue'. This refers to women that are overly perfect, who everyone loves and is completely faultless. Jessica Jones on the other hand is a bit of an asshole, with even her best friends thinking she's a dick. She's a grumpy, occasionally selfish young woman and instead of making her unlikable it makes her feel real and interesting.

In summary, Jessica Jones is the first time Marvel Studios has created a fully rounded, realistic, woman. Sorry ScarJo, you're sexy but I need a girl who always has a bottle of whiskey nearby and can punch that annoying neighbour through a wall. Jessica is the girl for me!

What do you think about Jessica Jones? Do you agree with my post/marriage proposal? If you'd like to read my review of the whole series of Jessica Jones, nip over to my blog Screenkicker.


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