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So, the WBPICTURES hopes to reel in female fans with Wonder Woman?

This I see is wrong in many levels. I wrote an article about this in an earlier blog, but I would to add on to this subject from personal experiences.

I got into the comic book world at a very young age due to actually comic books and cartoons and none of the females drew me, (except for Rogue, but that's a different story). Heroes like Batman, Flash, Spiderman, Green Arrow, and anti heroes, Venom, Punisher, and Wolverine pulled me in through those media outlets.

Wonder Woman?


Did I know of her?

Yes, I have a couple of her comics that were bought for me, but villains Cheetah and Ares appealed to me more than the Amazon herself.

Hell, even the antihero, Etrgian the Demon is better!!

Even her show from the 70's bore me. I rather watch Superman from the 50's! And that I do watch, and if you know me, I am a Batman over Superman fan.

Over the years as I kept discovering DC Comics heroines, and those of Vixen, Black Canary, Raven, Saturn Girl, Power Girl, and Zantana appealed to me than Wonder Woman.

I get that WW is a well known in a comic book character for DC Comics, but how are you going to market in the big screen if all doing is the, "A Star" team? Look at the WB with (Green) Arrow and Flash. They are slowly, but surely adding the lesser known people to their show, and now DC Legion of Tomorrow which I love!

So WB, not every woman, girl, female, or maybe trans girl are big on her as you may think.

Maybe if you had someone like me working for you, you can see what appeals to us and not your gender bias view!


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