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What is a show without someone for the main character to rival and fight against. "Once Upon a Time" has had a great bundle of villains through out its five seasons: so great and terrifying and some not so much.In honour of the Winter Finale and the prospect of many of our favourite villains returning I have created this list. We all have our favourites and this list is my top the, rating from worst to best, you can disagree and make your own entries in the comments section below.


10. Ingrid/The Snow Queen.

You may disagree, but I found Ingrid to be one of the weaker villains of "Once Upon a Time". She made her debut as the main protagonist in season 4. But she didn't feel a bad guy to me. She was emotional, hell-bent on creating a family that after a while she began to resemble a broken record. Also, Ingrid is the only character in "Once Upon a Time" that redeems themselves within the season. The only villain to do so (Regina does not count as she redeemed herself after the season in which she was the main villain). She made me dislike her because I root for the bad guys, and I just could not root for her. Ingrid is bitter towards her past and in rebuttal, acts like a 5 year old endless hunting for a family, something which she thinks she has found in Emma and Elsa. So in the end, Ingrid wasn't a great villain in my opinion because she cared, and was constantly looking for a family.

9. Nimue

New onto the villain scene Nimue is the first Dark One ever created. She gave up love for ultimate power, gave up the light inside her. My only problem with Nimue is we didn't get to see a lot of her as the Dark One. I mean How great would it have been if we got to see the first Dark One create havoc the way Rumplestilskin has over the seasons. She quiet, yes but you can tell she oozes great power. Why isn't she further up the list you might ask? Simply because she was only the main protagonist in the Winter Finale "Swan Song" and even then, she did not live up to the potential she could have.

8. Killian Jones/Captain Hook.

Captain Hook is quite an interesting Villain. When you are first introduced to him is the swag buckling pirate, and with being a pirate comes the need to not be the nicest person exactly....and Hook wasn't. He made off with a man's wife, stole, pillaged...that is until he met Emma Swan and fell for her. Hook sought to redeem himself for all his terrible deeds. He does...for the most part. That is until Dark Swan makes him the new Dark One against his wishes. In doing so, we see a side of Hook we haven't seen before and I'll be the first to admit I kinda liked it. But putting that aside, Hook is not a good villain..or bad...I don't know which word suits it better. First of all he is more of an anti-hero than a villain. I mean COME ON he *SPOILER* does sacrifice himself to save Emma from the darkness essentially. So while Hook looks HOT being the bad guy he's too good of a guy to pull it off.

7. Emma Swan

One word. SAVIOUR. Emma Swan cannot be evil because she is the epitome of light and goodness. Was it nice to see a because she lost her eyebrows in the process of turning evil. No but in all seriousness being evil did not suit Emma at all. She still cared for a family, which a truly evil person would not. She also tried to the fight the darkness for a long time before it consumed her and like Hook she progresses to an antihero by the end of season 5A as she ends up working on the side of her family again. So yeah....SAVIOUR.

6. Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin

The only reason Rumplestiltskin isn't higher is because he's too evil....and not in a good way. Basically I'm annoyed at the writers for the way they have taking with Rumple's character. I mean, he's gone evil for the third time. Every time he seems to go good NOPE hahaha jokes on you, he's tricked you. I mean I'm biased in putting him at No.6 but at least other villains are consistent...not him. I mean he's done some terrible things and I have questioned numerous times whether he did care for Balefire (RIP) and maybe if I ever redo this list he'll be higher but for now he's at No.6

5. The Evil Queen/Regina Mills

Regina is one of my favourite characters in "Once Upon a Time", and some of the reasoning behind that has to do with the fact is when she's evil boy is she evil. I loved early Regina when she was the Evil Queen and I still love her now. Why is she on this list if she's on the side with all the good guys? Because, dearie, some good deeds do not make up for all the bad you have done in your life...Sorry.... Anyway Regina is evil, or was. She was badass for a start, and still is for that matter. But unlike good Regina, Evil Queen caused the deaths of a number of people, both directly and indirectly. She ruled with an iron fist, punishing a vast number of people not caring of peasants' opinions of her. She was ruthless, cunning and only genuinely cared, and still does, for Henry. Henry is the one thing that she has always cared for. Regina has turned good but there are trace elements of her past there, such as her humour and the occasional urge to hurt an enemy of the good side. But she is good and redeemed, but she has be forever know as the Evil Queen in my book (but in a good way)

4. Zelena/The Wicked Witch of the West

WICKED. Only word to describe Zelena. I don't know if you'd call her evil as such but she is definitely wicked. Abandoned as a baby, she has a good reason to be evil. She caused chaos wherever she walks, hellbent on destroying Regina's "Happily-ever-after" and she does cause rifts in her happiness (Anyone see the baby plot twist coming....) Anyway, Zelena is also one of the only villains I Have ever felt sorry for, she was dealt a bad hand right from the beginning. She does not care for anyone, making her in my opinion: pure evil. All she cares about is making other miserable as a result of her misery.

3. Jafar

Okay, I'm kinda moving away from "Once Upon a Time" and taking a look at its spin-off: "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland". Jafar is an interesting villain. He's smart, knows what he wants and knows exactly how to get it. He sides himself with despicable creatures, such as the Jabberwocky to try and defeat Alice. He is a complete monster. He causes the mental breakdown of the Red Queen, manipulates her for his gain, all without showing an ounce of remorse. He is evil right to the core. He is also an understated villain in the "OUAT" universe as many forget about him and his terrible deeds which may be for the better....

2. Cruella De Vil

It's always good to have childhood nightmares revision so that they become even worse...Wouldn't you agree? Introduced in season 4, Cruella De Vil reminded just how scared of her I was when I was a child. And in "Once Upon a Time" she has powers in which she can make animals do whatever she wants, which helps tip the evil scales in her favour. Cruel also went through a lot of trauma which may have something to do with her turning evil...Being locked in an attic might just do that. She's cunning, and an interesting plot twist is she is a villain who actually can't kill anyone thanks to the Author. And yet she still made it this far up my list ( others who killed take note). Cruel was creative in the means in which she got her way and looked great while doing so. Don't be fooled though because Cruella has killed before, her own stepmother for now and she did so in a gruesome fashion, and then theres the fur.....which is now frowned upon. Cruel is a clever woman, who is not to be pushed around with as she it the imagery of a snake hiding underneath a flower.

1. Peter Pan

And here we have it. Our number 1: Peter Pan. A total asshat. The one I like about this character is that he is evil, as a opposed to the Disney version where Peter Pan is a lovable boy full of adventures. Not in "Once Upon a Time". Here Peter Pan is a demon, to use Hook's words. He is a monster, only caring for himself no matter the cost. He was ready to kill Henry for his heart and to enact a curse in Storybook, Pan killed his most loyal companion, Felix. Some would say Pan is a sociopath, abandoning his own child so he can be young again. Pan also indirectly kills Hook's brother, Liam. Also not to mention the psychological torture he put Emma through when she was trying to get back Henry. He is nasty, pure evil and a downright monster. Pan is an intelligent manipulator and schemer, using others to get what he needs, for example using John and Michael in return for their sister Wendy. technically he forcibly brought the lost boys to Neverland and never really showed affection towards them. So yeah, Peter Pan is the worst best villain to appear in "Once Upon a Time". I could spend hours justifying this, but i don't what to bore you so....

Anyway there you have my list of top ten villains in "Once Upon a Time". Some as I said are not that evil or have redeemed themselves so they are now on the side of good and others....well not so much and they are complete evil doers with no chance of redemption because they are so evil.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts and whether this list is correct or if you feel someone should have been added. Enjoy guys and please comment! xx


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