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Today, Netflix announced that it would be producing DOUBLE the amount of original, exclusive content in 2016 than it currently has on tap.

Put into perspective, based on it's usual 13 episode, at an average of 43 minute shows, that could be over 17,300 hours of new content to watch... just on the 31 series, and that's BEFORE the movies, stand-up, kids shows and documentaries!

This is of course, an insane amount of content, and while original shows are likely to be part of this - it is obvious that Marvel's shows are currently among their best rated... so could we see more MCU content as part of the deal?

So far we are 2 series into the planned 5, with Luke Cage being filmed as we speak and Iron Fist FINALLY having Scott Buck named as show-runner.

We're nearer than ever to seeing The Defenders in their full glory. With second seasons for Daredevil confirmed and Jessica Jones likely, it is also possible we may see some new additions to the Netflix MCU.

The most obvious of these, is Jon Bernthal's Punisher, ostensibly cast as the big bad of Daredevil's new season. Many fans would love to see Bernthal front his own show as Frank Castle and Netflix's model allows for all the gore and profane nature of the character to come through over 13 glorious episodes...

... Or they could do a movie!

Frank Castle is the perfect guy to launch the first Netflix MCU Movie. As a character he has great scope for a 2 hour movie and potential interactions with the major players of the MCU. It is easy to see Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, forced to co-operate with the unstable Punisher.

It'd be entirely possible to see a tie-in with Tony Stark being brought in to stop Castle. Or it could even be a way to bridge the FOX universe to the MCU as a "test" to see if they can work together. Imagine Castle being brought in by the government to take down Michael Fassbender's Magneto, or Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool?

Of course the FOX side of things would take some doing, but if FOX TV got the exclusive broadcast rights to the movie, say a year or two after it went on Neflix, then it could be a definite benefit to them.

Adam Sandler is Neflix's movie guinea pig and the first of his deal, The Ridiculous Six, drops in about 10 days time. If it works, and with A-listers like Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and up and coming stars like Ben Mendelsohn already involved in Netflix productions, then it is not too hard to see some of the other Marvel guys and gals taking the plunge. Remember that Patrick Wilson cameo that was meant to be in Ant-Man? How about a '60s set one off with him as Hank Pym?

Hawkeye or Black Widow might not ever get their own cinema movie, but why not their own Netflix movie telling their story? For the right deal, Renner, ScarJo, Dave Bautista and the like may well be interested in solo outings for their characters as movies on Netflix.

It could even appeal to the bigger names too, after all, with Star Wars taking the pivotal role in Disney's plans, it might be a way for RDJ, Samuel L. Jackson or Chris Evans to stay involved in Marvel while there isn't as much scope for them to be used in movies.

With the slate pretty well planned out now and the very real chance of Spider-Man and Fantastic Four related tales taking up Phase 4, then it seems logical that Cap and Iron Man's next solo outing could be on Netflix rather than in theaters.

There is also scope for new characters to be developed outside of those already cast. Moon Knight is a long touted character that Netflix could be interested in. If Ronda Rousey is looking to rebuild her career post-MMA loss then she could easily be She-Hulk for a Marvel movie, and what about The Thunderbolts? With Nuke already around in the Jessica Jones canon, Thunderbolt Ross being a major part of Civil War, and with Suicide Squad a major part of next years slate for DC, then why not have a villain led Netflix show or movie to help flesh out the number of real villains in the MCU.

It's definitely exciting times and while Netflix removing prime movies was a blow to many fans, this will no doubt go some way to making up for that and securing their position as THE place online to watch content. For the time being, though, it's your good old local movie theatre. Check out the trailer for Captain America: Civil War!


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