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Peter Segal’s Tommy Boy is a film of brilliance. It captures you from it’s very first second till it’s very last, facilitating a high range of emotions throughout the film, yet keeping you equally entertained and comically satisfied from start to finish.

A well known comedy, Tommy Boy quintessentially divulges every quality of a feel-good movie. It manages to keep you laughing until well after the credits start rolling, while leaving you room to sympathize. Although the plot isn't as predictable as it may seem, the film gets a meaningful message across that enables the viewer to feel more deeply with the characters alongside their stellar efforts of acting. If you're looking for a comedy to make you fall off the chair, then Tommy Boy is your Friday night go to.

In almost every comedy film there is an over- the- top character who over exaggerates “normal” societal expectations. In this film, it’s Tommy (played by actor and well known comedian, Chris Farley), who we first meet as a youngling. From the very beginning of the film it is easy to depict that as he is a big boy with a not-so-big brain. Farley does a remarkable job fulfilling the role of “Tommy” by going over the top to sell his character. From the first moment you meet Tommy, your attention is drawn to him. When he passes his final exam in the first few minutes of the film, he absentmindedly runs around campus exclaiming with confidence that he got D+ on his final, allowing him to graduate from college after seven long years, respectively. This is just one example where Farley goes out of his way to make Tommy appear as goofy.

(Basically Farley just has to be himself)

Tommy isn't aware of the outside world, which is evident in his over-the-top attitude that makes him seem like he's lived under a rock for his entire existence. When his life takes an unexpected turn for the worse, the pressure is on him to save his father’s auto part business, leaving both him and his “long-time friend,” Richard (otherwise known as David Spade), to go on a road trip. Spade plays the role of Richard as a boring, grumpy businessman who isn’t satisfied with himself or his job. You are able to tell what his character is really like in the first few minutes of the film when Tommy has come home from college. He steps off the plane and Richard makes a comment about Tommy’s abnormally long college experience.

Tommy: "Did you hear I finally graduated?" Richard: "Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too. Alright." Tommy: "You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years." Richard: "Yeah, they’re called doctors."

Peter Segal did an amazing job casting roles and unlike a lot of older movies, the acting is like the story line— impressive. The plot changes abruptly allowing many unpredictable instances to occur along the way. Without giving away the movie, there are characters who switch roles and end up transforming the plot insanely. This comedy is more than just a series of laughs, it’s a compelling series of events that keeps you intrigued throughout the entire film.

The movie is unmistakably hilarious, with the exception of softer moments that tie in nicely to the overall film. Respect is gained for Tommy throughout the film, which originates from the love he contains for his father. His father, otherwise known as “Big Tom” (Brian Dennehy) announces that he is getting re-married, which is hard for Tommy because of his mother’s passing when he was young. Still, he overlooks his father’s act of moving on because all Tommy wants is for his father to be happy. --SPOILER ALERT!!!--When his father dies, even more respect is gained for Tommy as he attempts to save his father’s business. Yes, this film isn’t one of sadness, but at the same time a message of confidence, self love, and love for others is learned, making the film a lighthearted masterpiece.

Tommy Boy is the classic portrayal of a comedy, and should be watched by all who enjoy a good laugh and a phenomenal movie. The acting is exceptional, especially by the one of the world’s greatest comedians, Chris Farley, while the story line is structured in a style that keeps you constantly on the edge of your chair. It is one of the greatest, most heartfelt comedies of all time and I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.


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