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Not a single character appears in every episode.

When Merle is shooting off his gun while on a rooftop in season one, some nearby citizens didn't know a TV show was filming and called the police thinking a real sniper –not actor Michael Rooker – was on the roof. The SWAT team arrived shortly afterwards.

When it comes to the world that exists inside The Walking Dead, "walkers" outnumber the living by a staggering count of 5000 to 1.

You too, can own the same exact compound bow Daryl uses in the show! The Horton Scout HD 125 can be purchased at Walmart for around $300.

Originally, it was covered in BBQ sauce to make it tastier for the actors, but the vinegar in the sauce was melting the walkers' makeup, so they had to forgo it.

During the course of the past five seasons, the walkers have deteriorated, appearing even more pale, gray, and decomposed to show elapsed time.

Producers and casting liked Norman so much, they created Daryl's character from scratch to use him full time.

Since the completion of season 1, Internet rumors have flown that The Walking Dead was actually meant to be a mini-series, where all the main characters died in the CDC explosion. But due to its overwhelming success, here we are in season 5.

During season 3, there were 17 human deaths. 14 were actually killed by fellow living beings, while only three were the victims of walker attacks.

Not only are walkers instructed to move like they are leaving a bar at 2 AM, they are also told to be absolutely silent! All the noises made by walkers are actually added in post-production.

Walkers, herds, biters, even the undead is used, but never zombies. Show creators intentionally don't use the word because they wanted to create a world in which the characters would be completely unprepared for such a situation.

In season 2, episode 13, "Beside the Dying Fire," was shot at night and was so cold outside that show editors had to digitally remove vapor leaving the actors mouths.

Because Dale had become a much beloved character, his remains were made of all-white meat chicken breasts instead of the ham that everyone else gets. That's quite the star treatment!

Walkers are instructed to try not to blink during filming. Otherwise, editors must comb through the footage during post-production to edit out any unintentional blinking.

The second half of Season 4 (from the episode "After," where Michonne is haunted by her memories and Rick and Carl are on the run) takes place over the course of eight days.

Remember when Shane (Jon Bernthal) showed up with a beard in the midseason season 3 finale? He was filming The Wolf of Wall Street and due to contractual agreements, he couldn't shave it off.

When producers for The Walking Dead were pitching the series to potential networks, execs from HBO passed because they deemed the series too violent for their network. This is from the same company that brought you Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire!

The car Glen uses in season 1 to escape Atlanta is an homage to AMC's other hit show, Breaking Bad

While filming, Chandler Riggs was told to keep eating. That's seven pounds of pudding!

The Walking Dead video game: A Telltale Games Series, received over 90 "Game of the Year" awards in 2012. The game is released episodically, just like the show.

Remember the Governor's sick fascination with keeping the severed heads inside fish tanks? Well, he had a total of 24, which were yellowed by crew members using coffee grounds and tea bags.

Not only are some backgrounds and lost limbs created with CGI and green screen effects, but the special effects team uses CG zombies, helping cut down the number of extras required on set.

While his house is actually across the street from the Atlanta Zoo, in the show, his home is located in King's County, Georgia, a nod to show creator's Frank Darabont's close friend, Stephen King.

Actors who play zombies, have to got hrough "zombie school" to learn how to walk and behave like a walker.

In the first episode of the first season, the first walker Rick kills leaves a blood splatter on his shirt in the shape of a smiling skull.

While shooting, the actors playing walkers eat together and the ones playing humans eat separately from them.

The mouse Lizzie tries to feed the walker in Season 4 is mostly made of gelatin and grape jelly.

When they filmed the scene where they introduced Michonne, actress Danai Gurira hadn’t been cast yet, so that’s not her.

In the comics, Glen and Maggie end up adopting Sophia.

In the comics, Rick’s hand gets cut off pretty early on.They didn’t cut his hand off on the show because it would take too much CGI and get in the way of action scenes.

You can apply to be an intern on the set of The Walking Dead. There's over a thousand applicants each year, so it's pretty competitive.

Whenever a main character bites the dust on the show, the cast and crew have a huge 'Last Supper' dinner on the day they film their death scenes to celebrate -- a little morbid but sweet.

From season to season, the opening titles "decompose" more and more.

During the filming of season 5, Norman Reedus requested to keep Andrew Lincoln's beard clippings "for some strange purpose known only to Norman Reedus."

Daniel Bonjour cut his honeymoon short to take the role of Aiden.

In season 2, Beth is 17 years old. In reality, Emily Kinney was 25 years old when she joined the cast.

According to Norman Reedus, he accidentally incited a small panic among 'Walking Dead' fans when a photo surfaced of him sporting a prosthetic dismembered stomach. This photo does not spoil the end of Daryl Dixon, but rather Reedus' character in 'Pandorum.'

The first half of season 5 takes place in 4 days only.

Judith Grimes is actually played by twins

Excluding the flashbacks, Season 4 becomes the shortest season, while Season 1 is the longest even with the least amount of episodes.

Most-tweeted-about TV show in 2014.

The Season 2 premiere was an extended episode because budget cuts forced show runner Frank Darabont to combine the original premier "Miles Behind Us" with another episode titled "What Lies Ahead". Most of the cuts from "Miles Behind Us" can be found in the deleted scenes of the Season 2 DVD.

Jon Bernthal and Michael Rooker are both involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe *Bernthal plays Frank Castle/Punisher (Daredevil) *Rooker plays Yondu Udonta (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The prisoner Tomas looks the way the governer did in the comics

During filming of season 6, Alanna Masterson (Tara) was pregnant with her first child, a baby girl, who was born on November 5th 2015. Eagle eye views will be able to spot some subtle cover-ups during full length shots.

They grow their own hair, rather than wearing wigs, to look more natural on set

The first half of Season Six happens in 2 days (excluding flashbacks) Episode 1 happened the same time as the first half of episode 2. Episode 3 happened the same time as the second half of episode 2. Episode 7 and Episode 6 happen at the same time with the ending of episode 6 happening during episode 8.

In the show, Michonne hates The Governor based on a hunch and he only loses an eye. However, in the graphic novels, he brutally rapes her for days, leading to the loss of his eye, arm, and testicle when she gets her revenge.

The last five episodes of season 5 (Remember, Forget, Spend, Try, Conquer) are named based on a quote by Dale in season 1: "I like what a father said to son when he gives him a watch that had been handed down through generations... I give it to you not that you may REMEMBER time, but that you may FORGET it for a moment now and then and not SPEND all of your breath TRYing to CONQUER it."

Dale had not originally been scheduled to die as early as he did in the show. However, after his close friend, Frank Darabont, was fired as showrunner, DeMunn asked to be killed off. Later, he had a change of heart, but his death had already been scripted and budgeted for, so his request to continue on the series was denied.

The coat that Rick wears in the last episodes of season 4 and most of season 5 belongs to "Claimer Lou" the man he strangled in the bathroom at the house he Carl and Michonne were staying at after the prison

In the season 5 premiere, when the Termites were slicing throats, the main cast members were not told about the prosthetic necks and fake blood that would ooze through the trough in front of them. This caused them to act as if they were surprised and as if they'd never seen anything like it.

The last line of Season 4 on TV is "They're screwing with the wrong people". However, on disc, Rick says f-cking instead. Andrew Lincoln only did one take of the censored version because he liked the similarities to the comics.

As of Season 5, Carol (Melissa McBride) is the only known female character remaining from season 1, making her the longest-living female character in the show.

Seconds after the Season 5 mid-season finale 'Coda' ended, AMC's facebook page mistakenly shared a picture of Daryl carrying Beth's corpse, with the caption "RIP Beth". It was badly received by people who had not watched the episode yet in the West Coast, Europe and South America.

The set used in the constuction site scene where Abe is collecting materials for Alexandria is actually the prison set after being stripped down. You can see this by looking at the building behind them. It has burn marks from the Governors attack.

Season 6 Episode 1 features a scene in which Rick asks Morgan who taught him to fight with a staff, and Morgan remains silent. In response, Rick says, "I ask, you answer. Common courtesy, isn't it?" This is a reference to Season 1 Episode 1, where the roles are reversed as Morgan is questioning Rick about his wound.

Beth's death in the season 5 mid - season finale caused an uproar on social media with fans sending hate mail and death threats to Scott Gimple along with boxes of plastic spoons being sent to the AMC studios (a reference to the silver Washington D.C. spoon Beth Found). A petition titled "Bring Beth Back" was also created and has collected over 60,000 signatures in only 3 months and was even discussed on "Good Morning America".

The finale of season 3 is the only finale in which a series regular is killed off - in this case, Andrea.

On November 10th 2015, it was announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the well known villain Negan. Negan is scheduled to make his first appearance in the season 6 finale, which is scheduled to air on April 3rd 2016.

With just four appearances (3 credited as a series regular), Andrew J. West has made the least appearances in the show as a series regular.

Many deaths in the show and the comic are similar, albeit with different characters. In the comic it is Carl who shoots and kills Shane and Rick who kills the walker Shane. In the show Rick stabs Shane and Carl shoots the undead Shane. Dale's fate is shared with Herschel and Bob. In the Book Dale loses a leg to a walker and the Hunters. In the comic book it is Tyreese who is beheaded by the Governor, in the show it's Herschel. In the show Tyreese is bitten on the arm and is chopped off by Michone, in the comic book it is Morgan Jones

In the comics the final Governer attack was in issue 48 and in the show it was season 4 episode 8

Lori has "relations" with both Shane and Rick within a 24-hour period, and it is implied that it was her first time to be with Shane (she removed her necklace with Rick's wedding ring). This could easily make Shane or Rick Judith's biological father.

In an interview on National Public Radio, Steven Yeun (Glenn) said that his parents (who emigrated from Korea as adults) watch the show faithfully but do not always understand the nuances of the English used in it, so they get a bootlegged version with Korean subtitles. Yuen also said that his father once asked him to thank Melissa McBride for saving his life. Even though Yeun reminded his father that it was all make-believe, Mr. Yuen insisted that his son should thank her, which he then did.


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