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So you're back - I'm beginning to think we've got a thing going on. No, no, no... not that sort of thing - a Dominion thing. Heavens!

As I mentioned in my last post (re: how the Nielsen Ratings are ridiculous and yet standard network, cable, and premium cable channels look to them like Jesus kissed the printout of screwy/unreliable statistics therefore making it the Gospel of Ratings even though the Nielsen Ratings don't take into account true DVR views of the show OR more importantly worldwide viewership because apparently that would be sacrilege in the eyes of -cue the angelic music- the Nielsen Corporation.)

When I wrapped up that last post wherein I had a couple of lovely little graphics showing the WORLDWIDE support for the show Dominion (which was cancelled because... No, no, no. I cannot go there - not again - I don't think I can handle trying to comprehend that madness anymore. If you want to read about my dive into the pool of back-ass-wards math go for it. ) I mentioned that I was going to devote a post to the international community and this is it.

Before I delve any deeper into the subject - take a moment to look at the nifty header graphic for this story because

  • It took me 2 damn hours to make it; and,
  • It shows all the countries with people who have expressed their desire to let Vaun Wilmott finish tell the story he mapped out years ago.

When I started researching the show and how the enjoyment of it wasn't relegated to 'predominantly English speaking countries' I was shocked to learn the vast majority of people who are in all those non-English speaking countries learned about the show purely by... chance. And for a show to develop the type of GLOBAL following Dominion has based almost wholly on word of mouth and happenstance as opposed to targeted advertisements says a LOT about the show itself.

I could go on and on about my thoughts on the 'how' of it all. But you know what? I'm not going to do that. No. I'm going to give you a chance to read the information I received ... from some of those loyal international fans ... on the subject when I asked for their input. And I think - once you read their words you'll understand WHY Dominion really ought to be picked up by someone (Netflix are you listening?) who can resurrect the show.

Let's start in the UK - one of those ENGLISH speaking countries where you'd think SyFy would've advertised the hell out of the show for its sophomore season (because that's what a network SHOULD do if it has a show they've invested a lot of money in and want to be seen by NEW viewers for its 2nd season) Only they didn't.

Hell, they didn't even do that for viewers in the United States. (Because you see, while SyFy should've been hyping the hell out of a show that already had a strong fan base it did hype the crap out of 4 new shows of which fared worse than Dominion overall but got renewed for a 2nd season)

These comments on 'How did you come to learn about Dominion?' are from a discussion I started on Facebook's Dominion's Angels Fan Page

  • Hilary Knowles - I'm in the UK. Got quite a lot of advertising for Season 1 on our SyFy and mostly Universal channels here, was hooked from episode one. Season 2, very little advertising, had to check the start date online on SyFy UK, and was even more hooked second time round. Currently in the campaign to get Netflix to pick it up largely for the fact it has a huge global audience and we were completely ignored in the viewership when a decision was made.
  • Jan Rusling Ditto - (to Hilary Knowles!) ^ Season 1 good trailers, ... Season 2 - nothing but the sound of crickets re: advertising in the UK!
  • Lynne Cameron-Finn I think we spotted it advertised on syfy when we were watching defiance / the originals ... I've never seen it mentioned in uk press or advertised anywhere else. I'm in Scotland
  • Temitayo Aghedo I stumbled on S1 while breezing through SYFY channel. It's was breathtaking. I was so full of joy when I stumbled on S2. SYFY has dashed our hopes by not continuing. I'm based in UK
  • Julia Scott UK fan here. I was a fan of the original 'Legion' movie and some related advertising caught my eye about a TV show sequel so I started following the progress, watched and loved season 1. Nearly missed season 2 because there was very little advertising to remind people when it was coming back but because I was specifically waiting for it I managed to find some details about dates. I was honestly shocked it got cancelled bearing in mind how popular it seemed to be, I also thought it was daft not bothering to tell anyone it was coming back.
  • Tim Lovell I learned about the show from my brother I only watched legion after the first 3 episodes I was instantly hooked, also btw Nielsen boxes were only given to viewers in the USA so how are those ratings fair? ... I'm so angry they cut dominion and renewed dark matter , even tho I watched dark matter I won't watch the new season or the syfy channel until we see season three of dominion , if I had the money I would finance season three syfy are colossally stupid to drop dominion grrr!
  • Lorraine Friend England Dominion aired on wednesday evening over here. Found it in local tv magazines and on SYFY
  • Chloe Clark I learnt about it via SFX Magazine. Then when I searched Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael in tumblr ,intending to find some Supernatural posts, I instead found Dominion posts. I got the DVD of season 1, watched all the episodes, and it is now one of my favourite ever shows!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are a few from other parts of the world...

  • "Jedaihl AngelCorps Dominion" GERMANY/SWITZERLANDI searched for new Supernatural TV Shows online, cause that is stuff I like. No advertise here. Only noticed that the TV Show is based on Legion and is about angels when I watched the first episode. Was hooked by the end of season 1, liked season 2 even better.
  • Maren Henriksen Myhre NORWAY. My boyfriend accidentally stumbled over it browsing HBO Nordic
  • Cassandra Marie Addams AUSTRALIA Australian fan here, first saw glimpses on Tumblr thanks to being in the Supernatural fandom and then on SFX Magazine. I started watching early season one and was hooked ever since.
  • Lina Čerepovičiūtė LITHUANIA I was watching another TV show and saw an ad about it
  • Sarah Westvik SINGAPORE Was watching Syfy and saw the ad for season 1. I'm in Singapore smile emoticon
  • Karolina Bogucka POLAND Thanks to TV Line, I found out that Anthony Head'd booked the Pilot for Dominion. I've always liked the angelic theme, so it was an added bonus. And then, after many months, the show was finally on air, and I fell in love with Dominion the show, and not just Tony's latest project smile emoticon I'm from Poland.
  • Madya AMi MALAYSIA. Followed Tom from Hannibal. That's about it hahahah grin emoticon (i may have googled Tom or saw a post about him on tumblr - maybe both)

I had planned to go through my Twitter feed to get the information about how people found out about the show and what countries they were from however... I've tweeted/replied/quoted so damn much - when I tried using the 'find' option on the page, it pulled up so many replies that were liked and the retweeted and liked again - that I started to get confused. (*Mental note: when asking a specific question to a LARGE group of people via Twitter ... ask for replies in Direct Messages - Geesh!)

And to my lovely Twitter friends, I am going to be doing a post all about the Twitter-iffic fandom that has a very active following!

Those are some of the responses I got - Notice how NONE of them talk about the absolutely awesome advertising campaign SyFy put on for the show... and YET, they still found Dominion.

Shouldn't that scream volumes?

But wait... I wanted to also share some comments with you from the Save Dominion Petition on

These people are not your average 'American style' viewers and I think you'll see why in a few seconds... (Thank you Google Translate - even if some of the translations aren't 100% verbatim! And thanks to those of you in other countries who left your comments in English!)

Доминион- что то новое и неординарное . Нет больше фильма ни сериала с таким сюжетом Отличная игра актеров (BELARUS) (here it is in English: Dominion- something new and extraordinary. No more film or series with the plot Excellent game actors)

Артур Авагян, Ростов на Дону, RUSSIA (Arthur Avagyan , Rostov on Don,) "это лучший сериал в своем жанре, просьба продолжить его хотя бы еще на 1 сезон но с завершением" This is the best show in its genre , please continue it at least another 1 but with the end of the season

юлия иванова, Chelny, RUSSIA Julia Ivanova , Chelny, Russia "один из немногих сериалов , который хочется досмотреть до конца , а потом хочется продолжения:)" one of the few series that I want to watch until the end , and then want to continue :)

Bella Nikolova BULGARIA The show must go on, I love Dominion and the whole team.

Rudyann Marshall JAMAICA This series needs a 3rd season. Dominion is an epic TV series that needs to be on TV. I'm clueless as to why it was cancelled but I'm hoping for the best that someone else will pick up where SyFy left off.

C.Y. Tai, Changhua, TAIWAN Love this show!!! Really want to know more stories between the Archangel and the Chosen One!!! Please give us fans season 3!!!

Tim Drossaers, NETHERLANDS This is a show with an amazing storyline, don't cancel the show when things are bout to get epic. I'm sure thousands of fans agree, a lot of people from the Netherlands agree with me;)

Garance LEMARIÉ, FRANCE Je signe parce que j'adore cette série et je veux une suite !!! I signed because I love this series and want another season.

Leila João, PORTUGAL Dominion is one of my favorite tv series right now, the cast is great and the script writers are great on leaving expectation. I would love more seasons, or at least a final season with a proper enddind, it shouldn't end on season 2, which was even better then season 1, with such a cliffhanging. The fans and the people o worked on the previous seasons deserve at least a story ending.

Xuan Huy Nguyen, Hanoi, VIETNAM Save Michael and Alex and Gabriel!!

Mohammad Chegini, Tehran, IRAN I love dominion!

юлия иванова, Chelny, RUSSIA один из немногих сериалов , который хочется досмотреть до конца , а потом хочется продолжения:) Julia Ivanova , Chelny, RUSSIA One of the few series that I want to watch until the end , and then want to continue :)

Stratos Sal, Athens, GREECE I love this show.It has an amazing script and the actors are great


Michelle Rust, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA This is THE greatest show to have hit our screens in YEARS. You cannot fault one single actor in DOMINION. You are so drawn to each episode, you cry, you laugh, you feel the pain. There is so much more to explore in this series. It shocks me deeply that it has been cancelled after only 2 seasons.

Fernando Kaowan de Lima Villela Affonso, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL pq é uma das melhores series que já assisti, prendendo minha atenção com um ótimo assunto, bons atores e muito bons efeitos ... (because it) is one of the best series I have ever watched , holding my attention with a great subject, good actors and good effects


I could go on... but I won't. I hope the picture is becoming clearer that Dominion NEEDS to be picked up by an entertainment corporation that realizes what potential there is for the show to go FORWARD...

I'll leave you with all the above to ponder and with a promise to discuss the actors on the show. (I know there's a large contingent of women who probably just got all giggly because I said that. Oh, geez. If I screw up any aspect of that article I know there will be hell to pay and I'll get a severe Twitter tweet lashing and my Dominion's Angels Facebook membership might be revoked. But I have to do what I have to do.)

I'm done now - feel free to return to your regularly scheduled lives OR check out Dominion for yourself. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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