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Justin Bieber has found the glass slipper for his enigmatic princess. Except, instead of a glass slipper, Bieber has stumbled upon her Instagram and is now on a mission to find out who this lovely lady is!

Don't be bashful, Justin!
Don't be bashful, Justin!

Like a modern day love story, Bieber took to his Instagram to find the stunning brunette:

Just so you don't pull a neck muscle trying to get a glimpse, here is the photo right side up.

Lucky for Justin, fans came to the rescue and directed him to her actual Instagram account.

While her name on Instagram might be @wolfiecindy, this lovely lady's real name is Cindy Kimberly.

It might just be meant to be, as Cindy posted a video of herself listening to Bieber's "No Sense" just a day earlier.

It appears as if Cindy likes to live a more low-key life, as she is constantly deleting pictures off her Instagram, and she also put out this reaction to all the recent attention she's been receiving:

This shy girl is also a supporter of aspiring artists and features a few on her Instagram.

It must be incredibly flattering to be considered a muse for some very talented artists.

In case you're interested in getting to know a little more about Cindy Kimberly, this is a post from her now-deleted Tumblr:

Let's hope Cindy is really a Belieber and that the two can have a happily-ever-after. Fingers crossed that the glass slipper fits.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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