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In 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was released. It was an adaptation of Roald Dahl's children book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I met the director of the film, Mel Stuart, when I was in first grade (I had a pretty awesome first grade teacher). I didn't know him well enough to ask him a question, but at the end of the class interview, he gave everyone a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar but I lost it. I resented myself for a while until I finally got it a few years later.

And I was happy.

But I'm rambling on. This theory says that Willy Wonka had already planned the children's fates before inviting him into their chocolate factory. And here's the evidence behind it.

First, here are the five children invited to take a tour of his factory:

  • Augustus Gloop, a corpulent boy who is always eating and is extremely overweight.
  • Veruca Salt, an extremely spoiled girl who wins the prize by ordering her father to get his workers to open as many chocolate bars as possible.
  • Violet Beauregarde, a girl that is always chewing gum, having once chewed the same piece of gum for three consecutive months.
  • Mike Teavee, a boy that is always watching TV and dreams of becoming a gangster.
  • Charlie Bucket, the main character that is ideal for running Wonka's factory.

Now, when the tour first starts, he takes them to a paradise, a giant room where almost everything is edible and candy. There is even a waterfall made entirely out of chocolate. He knew that Augustus couldn't hold himself back from the chocolate waterfall. And he is right. Augustus begins drinking from the waterfall and falls in. He is sucked up a tube and into the marshmallow room or some room that would turn him into food. His mother then goes there to save him.

You can tell me that he just wanted the children to have fun and Wonka never planned for this to happen. However, a boat comes and picks them up so that the children and the parents can go through the tunnel and watch chickens getting their heads cut off. And that boat has the perfect amount of room for four children and four adults; not five children and five adults, which is what they came in with, but four children and four adults. That's because Wonka already knew Augustus and his mother would be gone.

Later, Wonka shows everyone a three-course gum. The gum would change from tasting like tomato soup to roast beef and a baked potato to blueberry pie. This is perfect for Violet, who loved to chew gum and she takes it without permission. She chews it and eventually turns blue and round, like a blueberry. That's already two children gone and three to go. If I were a parent, I'd just get my kid out of there.

Wonka then shows everyone the squirrels (golden geese in film) that check to see if a nut (golden egg in film) was a good nut/egg or bad nut/egg. And obviously, anyone would want a squirrel that checks and opens nuts or a golden geese that lays golden eggs made of chocolate. Veruca demands her father for it and she eventually gets dropped into the garbage chute along with her father.

Now if the fate of me and my kid were in the hands of a negligent candy maker that had already nearly killed six people, I would be five miles away from that store and getting a lawyer.

After that, he takes Charlie, Mike, and their guardians with them to the Hsawaknow ("Wonkawash" spelled backwards) where they go on a carbonated adventure. And the Hsawaknow only has room for two children and two adults; not five children and five adults which is what they came in with, but two children and two adults. He had likely made that machine just for the tour at that phase. And honestly, how does a machine that covers you with soap actually help a guy make some chocolate?

He takes them all to a television chocolate room. PERFECT. FOR. MIKE. Eventually, Mike gets sent to the television and ends up about an inch tall. No more Mike.

And then, when Wonka "realizes" Charlie is the only one left, he says that he knew it was him that would win. He had probably gotten rid of the other kids and parents so that they wouldn't find out about this. They get into a great glass elevator, again, with only room for the amount of people left in the tour and Wonka.

Do you think it's true? Leave your thoughts. :)


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