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There has been a lot of speculation on BvS the sought after sequel to Man of Steel and the definitive start to the Justice League's run for the first time on the big screen. With the third trailer hitting recently left a lot of people with mixed emotions and some claiming the movie will face the same fate as Spider-Man 3 with the amount of forced characters jammed back in it. This article serves as a culmination of a bunch of ideas that I personally think should be featured in the movie and I think will appease everyone from the most hardcore of DC fans to the most casual of movie goers.

So we all know that we are entering an established DCEU to brush over all sorts of origin story. Honestly I am a fan of this because Zach Snyder is very good when it comes to telling an established story. Examples 300 no major telling of how the Spartans or Leonidas rose to such great power just straight into the point of the movie same goes for Watchmen.

In Batman v Superman what I am hoping to see and what I think will bring major success is giving it a very Bruce Timm Paul Dini animated movie feel. Many of the successful movies in the DC Animated Universe start with an already established universe just like Batman v Superman.

To have a bunch of superheroes in one movie without origin stories the easiest way to do this is just introduce them with Batman keeping tabs on all of them just like he's always done. For instance have a scene where Batfleck is standin by his almighty Batcomputer and shows him keeping tabs on leaguers. Such as footage of Barry Allen being struck by lighting, Aquaman's empire and it's functions, Cyborg getting hurt and then transformed via technology. Something like this I think will combat the notions of a jumbo packed movie.

Now for people who complain that the movie has some light humor in it and it's against the dark and grittyness that is DC. Once again refer to the animated universe, they have very dark and gritty tones but also have a sprinkle of light-hearted humor and banter.

Personally for me the way DCEU will have success is if they practically make a real-action animated movie and draw from there. Furthermore I am extremely excited for BvS and can't wait to see how Zach Snyder will bring the DC trinity on the big screen for the first time!


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