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Ok so I remember watching Ant-Man when it came out in the theaters, I loved this movie! I loved how the story was set up with a good mix of action, comedy and special effects. I loved the casting so once again Marvel picked the perfect people to make another awesome movie! This movie was also filled with many great laughs which I peronally love about Marvels movie style. I know eveyone likes something different which is fine but comedy holds a special place in my heart. So when I left from the movie theater I was very pleased! However I left with some unanswered questions as perhaps some of you may have too! I won't get into them all but the one that stood out to most was this...was Janet aka Wasp still alive or dead? We know that no one ever really dies in the Marvel Universe but we still need proof right? We can assume and we can speculate all we want but proof is the one thing no one can deny as to what is truth.

One of the parts of the movie that stood out to me the most concering this question was the micro realm in which Ant-Man (Scott Lang) went sub-atomic. Scott went deep into the micro realm and then came out of it using Pyms tech to enlarge himself again thus freeing him from it! By Scott Lang going into the realm and coming back out, it not only proved the possibility you can survive in it but it also gave Hank hope that she could still be alive! This was no doubt great news for Hank but he had no proof of her still being alive. After all who knows what exists in the micro realm? Well I purchased the DVD so I could do some easter egg hunting and oh boy I'm pretty sure I found the biggest one there is... I found Janet! I apologize because I don't have the exact time to stop in the movie in which you can see her but it is in the micro realm scene!I had to do a lot of pausing and playing but as Ant-Man goes into the micro realm it shows various shots of what appears to be a woman's shape with wings! They show this figure as Ant-Man goes into the micro realm and when he's coming out of it! To me it's no coincidence that Marvel flashed this image so much in scene! If you watch it in regular speed it's very hard to detect but I spotted her in the upper right corner of the screen! Let's look at a side by side comparison to further show that is Janet!

It's a pretty close resemblance correct?

Again after Scott came out of the micro realm this gave Hank new life in knowing Janet could still be out there somewhere! In knowing that she has to be alive and well in the micro realm! I'm sure Hank will see his wife and a key Marvel hero we all know and love! Let's hope we see her pop up again in Ant-Man 2! To be honest guys these pics do very little justice to the movoe clips. Get the movie and check it out for yourself. In my opinion the images are clearer going that route. So like me are you guys convinced that this is Wasp and that she's still alive? Let me know and feel free to comment on my post, this is my first one and I hope you enjoyed it!


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