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If you can't wait until tomorrow to see the new TMNT 2 trailer, Stephen Amell just release a sneak peak of it on his facebook page!

We get to see a Flash season 1-style wormhole thing:

Freakin' Raphael armor!


flubber part 2?
flubber part 2?

Rocksteady kickin some turtle butt!

is that a tail?
is that a tail?

And some more Rocksteady, kicking car butt:


And last but not least, the producers just HAD to throw this in there-

first this
first this
then this
then this

What kind of surprise has April got hiding in there?

All of this, just to get us ready for tomorrow!

Get ready for it, dudes!

Here are your first looks at Bebop and Rocksteady, pre-manimal form!

From Sheamus' twitter account:

And from Gary A. Williams' tweeter:


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