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Universal has been putting a lot of stock in building a "Monster Cinematic Universe" in the vein of Marvel's shared world that spans multiple movies and TV shows. Apparently, it began with Dracula Untold, but I get the feeling that most fans are looking to upcoming reboot of The Mummy to really kick things off.

After reports that the classic movie villain might be female this time in Alex Kurtzman's retelling, fans have been anxiously awaiting the pivotal casting that could shape what this movie (or, potentially, entire universe) could look like.

Now, it seems that Universal may have just found their villainess.

The lucky Mummy will be Sofia Boutella!

According to The Wrap, the Algerian-French actress has an offer to play the titular Mummy in what could be an extremely ambitious film. The Mummy will draw inspiration from the original film from 1932 and will be separate from the wonderfully original series starring Brendan Fraser. That means Sofia's Mummy will be a pivotal antagonist, and if her past films are any indicator, she's up for the challenge.

You probably recognize Sofia as the lithe Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, a role that proves this woman will have no trouble being evil. According to the same report, she could be taking on Tom Cruise as a Navy Seal who stumbles upon an ancient, cursed tomb. Supposedly, he's in negotiations for that lead role, but recent reports make it seem like he's almost a sure bet.

'The Mummy' will hit theaters on March 24, 2017.

(Source: The Wrap)


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