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Baldwin Collins

This dark fantasy action movie fail to impress me. which is Unusual for me because these type of genre always grabs my attention, But not this movie complicated even though the plot was simply straight forward. The story starts in the middle ages, where the Queen witch puts a cures on the Land. A black plague, to wipe out all of Humanity. and also kill the hero of the story's entire family. Kaulder (Vin Diesel ) kaulder manages to kill her not before she puts a curse on him. one That lasts for 800 years. Can't get my head around why would a witch grant you immortality while you're trying to kill her ?

However kaulder believe's he had succeeded in doing That and moves on to the present day. Driving around in a Aston Martin sports car and a priest who is called a Dolan. Not bad for a witch hunter's life style, Michael Cain plays the 36th Dolan whose main purpose is to keep records of kaulders achievements and adventures over the Decades, The reason why i mention Decades Michael Cain's Dolan character has only known kaulder for 50 years. So what happened to the other 750 Dolan's. ? the witch hunter works for a organization called ''the axe and cross'' which tries to keep the truce between Humans and witches.

Word of note why Michael Cain took this role is beyond me, he only appears at the beginning and the end . the only thing that makes sense is his Narrate at the Beginning. However the 36th Dolan (Cain) explains to kaulder that he's retiring from the position and has secretly been grooming his replacement who is the Dolan 37th played by Elijah Wood who works alongside kaulder. Unfortunately the retired Dolan dies the same night under mysterious circumstances in his apartment . kaulder and his new Dolan investigate finding clues of old Dark magic in the apartment it leads kaulder and his Dolan to a witches Bar owned by a witch named Cloe played by rose Leslie who has the ability to go into dead peoples memory and recreate they're death.

Through out the rest of the movie Cloe and the Dolan serves as sidekicks to our hero kaulder. the movie builds up to this massive action filled C.G.I effects that doesn't help the story in anyway, But that's just my opinion, there's probably a fan base that Can appreciate this movie. This movie was released on October 23. 2015. Distributed by Summit Entertainment .


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