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Film writers and critics often compare movies to modern myths. Millennia ago, humanity idolized fantastic figures, demigods and goddesses enacting sweeping sagas in the skies and lands and oceans. Well, we're not much different nowadays. We still sit on the edges of our seats and cheer for larger-than-life heroes... except now they're often on a silver screen instead of (just) in story and song.

Take French artist Travis Durden. He's taken some iconic and beloved faces that we all know from movie screens - Star Wars characters - and combined them with classic Greek statuary, the likes of which come straight out of the Louvre. It's a gorgeous way to pay homage to a seminal film series, and illustrate the power of storytelling. These are our mythological figures. Our demigods are here.

Seriously, it's nothing short of... legendary.

Durden's creations have started to, ah, create a real disturbance (but a good one!) in the French art world. So much so that his creations won their own exhibit release, entitled "Counter Attack," at the prestigious Galaries Sakura in Paris. Check out this PDF of the official press release and gallery event invitation. Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of love letters to beloved geekery being recognized as fine art.

Of course, what really struck me was the main event, so to speak. That's Durden's series of characters, re-imagined as digital renderings of marble statues in the classic Greet sculpted style.

('Digital renderings' means they're not actual, physical statues that you can touch, sadly - they're images hanging in frames on the walls. But that's really the next best thing. Honestly, the fact that these are computer-generated images is just as impressive. They look so lifelike. I mean, for pieces of digital marble.)

Admiral De Ren

I'm always a sucker for transformative art - that's the combination of two art forms, or re-interpreting something in an unexpected, new way - and this is just an amazing example. Take a look, I think you'll see what I mean. A picture (or in this case, a sculpture) is worth a thousand weird, rambly nerd-words...

Boba Fett

C-3PO, The Love Droid

Master Obi-Wan

General Grievous

The Storm Reader

The Nymph Bounty Hunter

Vader: Resurrection

And finally, saved this one for last because I think it's my favorite of all...

Yoda Angel

Blessed, we are! Sing Hallelujah on high, we must!
Blessed, we are! Sing Hallelujah on high, we must!

And blessed are you, good Moviepilot readers!

Because, and I literally just saw this - apparently, if you can read/figure money into French, and don't mind paying what I have to believe is a hefty sum for shipping and handling, you can actually own a wall print of one of these fine works. I'm actually tempted. So there's that, happy holiday shopping!

Lastly, my usual disclaimer - as always, thank you so much for reading, and please keep all commentary respectful. Remember that the artist is a human like you, who does it all on their own time, for the love of the art and the characters. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


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