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These alternative tweaks can fit into my overall theory posted at:

1. Kylo and possibly Finn were kidnapped as infant/s by the Imperialists and they raised him to believe that his Grandfather, Darth Vader was never redeemed by his uncle because Luke, the Jedi, and the Rebel Alliance are the enemies. Meaning that he died as a Sith Legend along with Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) where Luke destroyed the Empire and order they brought to the galaxy that balanced the Force in the universe. The Imperialists tell him they they saved him from the rebels Leia, Han, and Luke. Kylo doesn't know the way of the Force, but Snoke raises Kylo and teaches him as much dark side knowledge as he knows. One day they will take their revenge on Luke and the Rebels (now the Resistance) where Snoke hopes to become a Sith Master and Kylo by his side as his apprentice. Snoke is not at the same level of Vader and Sidious in regards to the Dark Side of the Force. Therefore, Kylo and Snoke have the similar relationship as Ben Kenobi to Luke Skywalker in A New Hope; instead to eventually master the dark side and become Sith.

If we hypothesize that Finn was kidnapped with Kylo from Leia, Han, and Luke, there is a strong possibility that we can add Lando and say he's Lando's son. Maybe Lando discovers he is force-sensitive too, therefore within the 30 years Lando was being trained the Jedi ways by Luke. Lando could have all along been related to Mace Windu. And tweaking my overall theory, Lando was drawn to Luke's lightsaber on one of his trips to Cloud City in Bespin and was able to recover it because the Force was much stronger within himself. This is the most far fetched idea since you don't want to make everyone related.

If we fit this into my theory, instead of Kylo being originally by Luke's side as his rebellious padawan, he's already on the side with Snoke. And Luke realizes Kylo is his nephew and then we go down the path of the rest of the theory. Because you can still fit this in because Kylo and his Knights of Ren are adamant about recovering force-sensitive relics like Darth Vader's mask and Luke's Lightsaber. The tweak with Vader's mask is that he and his knights recovered it from Endor instead of snatching it from Luke and company. Kylo doesn't know Rey is his sister in this tweak, but knows Han and Leia are his parents. He still despises all of them for what they did to their grandfather. And Luke, Leia, Han didn't make a pact to not tell Rey about the entire truth. Instead, Han, Chewbacca, and Rey are stranded on Jakku; vaguely tells her some stories from the past and her mother, since he's depressed because they are in a hopeless Han and Chewbacca have no idea on how to train Rey the Force if they had too. Luke went to rebuild the Jedi Order on his own accord.

Film Guesses!

Luke is featured in the film right after the Episode 7 prologue roll or within 5 to 10 minutes of the film. And he's there to catch the audience up with a few tidbits here and there. And perhaps he has a small group of trained Jedi already!

Or not.....they pan onto Jakku and the events unfold there with not much info to the audience.


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