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The midseason finales for both Arrow and The Flash premiered this week. There was a lot that happened in both of the episodes and we are now a lot more clear on a lot more things. Let's talk about some of those things, how it will affect the rest of the season, and the show in general while sprinkling in some speculation.


The Flash

Mark Hamill has returned to roast some chestnuts on The Flash as the Trickster because he has no other projects coming out soon, specifically one week, cough. The Trickster reminded the viewers an awful lot of the Joker, which if you weren't aware, is played, or voiced by Mark Hamill in some Batman cartoons and video games. We also got to see Weather Wizard, who was more bad-ass than ever. Don't forget that Captain Cold was not a villain this episode but is continuing his arc until he becomes a legend. We may see them later this season, but it's hard to say.

We see Iris and Barry finally tell Joe about Wally West and we get to meet him at the end of the episode. It was definitely a very awkward scene, but we will see him become a part of the family for the rest of the season. Many of you guys have asked me and I have also seen a bunch of comments on the web asking how he's going to get his powers, because Wally West is a speedster. Well, in an interview with IGN, the actor of Wally, Keiynan Lonsdale, was asked a lot about his character and how he's going to develop into the family. When asked about his speed powers, he replied:

At this point, I have no idea in terms of me becoming Kid Flash and all that stuff. I think that's going to be a slow burn, because what they really have to focus on is developing a family and him building up a relationship with each of those characters -- Barry included, because he is almost a brother now to him, if that's how he wants to see it. In terms of when he becomes Kid Flash, I have no idea. That's not information that I know, but I'm hoping that it comes soon. [laughs] And when the day comes, I just hope that Barry and Wally are running side by side. I think it'd be really awesome to be the sidekick. I think that'd be cool. [laughs]

What I take from that is that we won't be seeing Wally West become a speedster for a long time. People were speculating that he would have his powers by the end of the season, and it definitely doesn't seem likely. Also, if that did happen, the show would be moving way too fast, no pun intended. So just expect for the rest of the season Wally becoming apart of the family.

We also get to see an evil side of Patty as she tried to defend her father. When she was talking to the Flash, she sounded just like Barry from season 1 trying to avenge his father. If you are a regular follower, you may know that I assumed Patty would find out in this episode, and I was surprised that didn't happen. It looks like Episode 10, the first episode when we get back will be when she finds out. There will be consequences also as Zoom will try and hurt her.

The Zoom reveal at the end was nothing but a little disappointing. I was expecting something big to happen when really nothing did. Zoom wants Harrison Wells to help him steal Barry's speed. If we got to see who Zoom was, it would've been a lot better of a midseason finale as last year we learned a lot about the Reverse Flash. I don't think Harrison Wells is going to actually work for Zoom. It's actually very similar to Arrow how Damien Darhk forces Quentin Lance to work for him to protect Darhk from hurting Laurel. Harrison Wells is being forced to work for Zoom to protect Jesse, his daughter. I think both 'Harry' and Quentin will double cross the villains and end up saving their daughters, sacrificing themselves in the finales of both shows. Overall, it was a great episode but a little disappointing for a midseason finale.


Let's start with the fact that I called Felicity was in that grave since the season premiere (click here for proof)! I don't know what all you baby mama people were thinking but I was waiting for her to die for the whole episode. I expected them to get proposed and then she would die. In the preview for Episode 10, we she that she dies in the hospital and we see Oliver at her grave. The only thing that doesn't line up is how this is 3 months later and not 6 months, which makes me think they might bring Felicity back. If they do, they are not going to kill her again, so there's a bunch to speculate, so let's hope she stays dead. In reality, she is 'Roy-dead' as the Internet is calling it and she will return.

We also see that Damien Darhk has a family of his own. He is evil but he still has a family. He's not a stereotypical 'twirling mustache' kind of villain where he wants world domination but the destruction of Star City. This is what he views to be morally right.

I thought they were going to kill off Damien Darhk and introduce a new, main villain for the season. It looks like this is not true at all and Damien will be the main villain of the season. They have to take him a different direction though before he gets bland and dragged out.


Is Felicity dead dead or 'Roy-dead'?

What did YOU guys think of the midseason finales? Let me know below!


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