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Jessica Jones Season 1 review

STARRING: ‪Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, Wil Traval, ‪Erin Moriarty, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss, ‪David Tennant, Susie Abromeit, Lisa Emery, Clark Peters, Rosario Dawson, Rebecca DeMornay

THE STORY: Just real breif without giving away too much, Jessica Jones is a private investigator who’s company is Alias Investigations (whose window/glass/logo door takes just as much punishment as any human in this entire show). She gets employed by people who want to catch cheating exes or find missing persons etc … Somebody from he past gets brought back into her life and with the help of friends old and new she has to confront and defeat her demons

MY THOUGHTS: I honestly thought it was great! Marvel/Netflix is two for two this year. First off I’m not the biggest Krysten Ritter fan. She was Jesse Pinkman’s neighbor/girlfriend in a season of 'Breaking Bad' and I haven’t seen one episode of 'The B in Apartment 23’, but she worked, Jessica Jones is an asshole. She does whatever she needs to do to get the job done. She she drinks, whoops ass and has explicit bedroom activity when she wants to. I believed Krysten Ritter was this character. I didn’t know very much about the character and it was cool seeing the different things she had to encounter over the season. From schmucky civilians who just don’t like “heroes” to Kilgrave himself, Jessica Jones didn’t get one second to catch her breath. From trying to prove one character’s innocence to conquering what has haunted her for some time. Krysten Ritter’s chemistry with her co-stars is crazy espically Rachael taylor who plays her best friend/sister, Mike Colter who plays Luke Cage and David Tennant who plays the villian Kilgrave.

Kilgrave is pure evil, he’s like Keven Spacey in ‘Seven' level fucked up. He has the ability to control people’s minds, he would tell people for example to look at a fence forever. Everybody would just do it, I would laugh damn near every single time because alot of the less voilent commands were so funny to me. It was cool becasue the way that Daredevil and Wilson Fisk in episode one had no idea of each other, but were two unstoppable forces destined to collde, Jessica Jones and Kilgrave were already well aware of each other, but their destinies were still tied together. Marvel’s best Cinematic Universe villians are both on Netflix, I like alot of MCU movie villians, (most people knock them but I feel they fit their movies) but no Avenger could touch Kilgrave. I liked Rachael Taylor as her friend, she was originally supposed to be Carol Danvers (which would have been a great way to bridge the Netflix shows to the movies) but was changed to Trish Walker. I loved Mike Colter as Luke Cage, I can not wait to watch his series. Eka Darville was good as the crackhead neighbor. Carrie-Anne Moss was a little wooden as the lawyer, but as a sharky scumbag she serviced the role with what was needed. The only characters that I didn’t really care for were the upstairs neghbor twins, espically the sister. Clark Peters from The Wire was a bit under used. Wil Traval’s character Simpson is based on Nuke from the comics. Rosario Dawson isn’t featured as much as she came through in the clutch when she was needed. Throughout the first half of the series it was more of an investigative cop drama, not many fight scenes. Toward the end though the fights did pick up and they looked great!

If I HAD to have a complaint, it'd be some of the dialoge ... it seemed like every character loved to use the same two word curse and after like episode two it just stuck out like a sore thumb.

MY RATING: After all that ... in my opinion … Jessica Jones: Season 1 is Dope As Fuck! They touch on rape, suicide, addiction and PTSD this is Marvel’s most realistic release to date and quite possibly their best.

What did you guys think of Jessic Jones: Season 1, what do you guys want to see in season 2? I’ll definitely do this again after I watch Daredevil: Season 2


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