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In the last few weeks have been a barrage of highly anticipated trailer release and fandom of all kind are in geek heaven! The latest trailer to drop is the second trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which hits theaters in just under four months. However not everyone received this clip with enthusiasm.

There are several complaints that are being heard but the following are chief among them:

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1. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor has been Superman's main foil for over seven decades. There have been many incarnations of the character ranging from Siegel and Shuster's diabolical genius (Action Comics #23, Circa 1940), to Gene Hackman's more light-hearted take on the criminal mastermind (Superman: The Movie, 1978) to the multinational global industry Goliath in Justice League Unlimited (Voiced by Clancy Brown) - Lex Luthor has always been an intimidating force. What he has never been is the socially awkward, quirky character that Jessie Eisenburg seems to be portraying. Given the small glimpse we've gotten of his Lex Luthor thus far that seems to be the route he has taken. It is difficult to imagine this incarnation of the character to be intimidating to anyone.

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2. Doomsday?

While at first it was everyone assumption that the monster we saw in the trailer was Doomsday (and this remains my theory), alternate plausible theories have arisen that the beast we see is actually Wraith (Superman Unchained, 2013). However going on the premise that this is Doomsday the complaints range from his look (with some comparing the character to a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle) to his origins seemingly being created by Luthor from the remains of General Zod, to simply the fact that he is present as the main threat at all. There is a concern that they are starting off with to large of a threat. That is if they need to deal with Doomsday now, where to we go next. To that I have a one word answer - Darkseid!

As for the "aesthetic" of the villain I personally don't care for the look of the character, but it is also possible that we have not seen his final form, as Doomsday is designed to evolve. So we may yet see him as a more recognizable incarnation of the character we know.

3. The Trailer Shows Too Much

The main complaint here seems to be that fans feel like they are getting two movies mashed together - Batman V Superman and Dawn of Justice. While everyone knows that ultimately the heroes are going to team up, they didn't want to have that shown to them until it was on the big screen.

While I was geeking out watching the introduction of Wonder Woman, and then seeing the Big Three heroes of the DC universe standing side by side - I could have done without this "reveal." It was unnecessary. I can't believe that by showing this part of the story that they convinced anyone to see the movie that wasn't already planning to see it. I would rather that moment be left to be seen in the theaters with the fans. While I wouldn't say it ruins the moment, but knowing that it is coming somehow makes it feel less special.

Now with all these complaints aside I am still REALLY EXCITED to see this film. What are your thoughts? Are you excited? Do you have any other complaints about this trailer? Express yourself in the comments!


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