ByCaroline Garcia, writer at

The first movie I would have to start with would be The 5th wave

This move starring Chloe Moretz is the best action filled movie with lots of drama and keeps you entertained through out it and so far I have nothing but good things to say about it!and it looks like 5 stars for me

Batman vs Superman

Men your in for a thriller cause this is the moment you've been waiting for and I do have to say I am not a big fan of super hero movies but this turned out to be pretty good everything BUT bad vibes from this one now let's fly away to our next one.

Ride along 2

Now this movie is funny ,action filled and may be a little better than the first especially with a special performance that you'll have to see for yourself because this movie is to die for!

Angry birds

This movie is great for children all over the world and even for parents if you love the game than you'll love this fun ,hilarious new comedy for children

And that will have to do for today and thank you for everyone who read this and this is just my opinion so please no negative comments thank you and goodbye


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