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Well here we go. Both characters Audrey Jensen from Scream and Sadie Swenson from Scream Queens, (also known as Chanel#3) are both great characters on their shows. But what I'm trying to figure out is which one is better? And let's find out.

Okay. Let's start with Audrey. The first thing I will say about Audrey is that I love her style and the short haircut. It definetely fits the lesbian act. I also like her personality. She's not a weirdo and she's also not annoying. I also like the geeky spark she has on her. But one flaw she does have from my point of view is being a lesbian. Well I'm going to be honest with you and say that if Audrey was real and not lesbo than I would totally date her. Don't judge me though. She is a really bold person who stands up for what she believes in. Audrey is about my 100% favorite in the scream tv series. Well other than her being one of the killers but that's it.

So, Chanel#3. She is also a lesbian just like Audrey but I don't really think Murphy should have made her a lesbian because she's in a sorority and that's kind of girlie. It doesn't really look like she'd be a lesbian. Like if you just showed someone a picture of her and asked them if she was a lesbian they would probably say no. You know what I mean right? Anyway, her style is the same as all the other Chanels witch I think there style is stuff from an old ladies' closet. But what I do like is the fur coats they always wear. It looks high fashion to wear pastel colored fur coats and it also looks expensive. I like it. I like the way she talks. No expression towards her words neither on her face. It works very well for the I don't care feeling of her character.

So, who do you think is better? Comment who because I'm dying to know who won!


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