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You know fandom is a weird thing to me. The idea that just because someone doesn’t like something that you do they are... “The Great Evil of... THE OTHER... Coming to steal what you love away... Fear mongering and name calling seems to be this sad small group of fandoms tactic... Is someone trying to get into politics?

It's amusing to say the least. (Channeling their inner politician) Demonize people you are different from them...

Yes that works.... right?...

Like in politics no it doesn’t.. but nice try though... You get an “S” for Salty.

Remember I am Satan... for saying thank you to the wonderful inker of Wonder Woman... I didn’t know Satan was a beautiful black woman who says please and thank you to people. How low can you go? Well “know sexist and misogynist...” for... Saying hi to the new writer “a lady” working with Peter on the Superman/Wonder Woman annual. So wanting to support a female writing is sexist and misogynistic... So extending a friendly hand to the seemingly nice lady is sexist and misogynistic... And all because SMWW is “the evil other”


Well I guess us SMWW fans like being a little Abbie Normal.

Let us turn to the word master Sir Webster about the meaning some words

Sexist- Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.

So when has Superman discriminated against Wonder Woman for being a woman?

So when has Superman belittled Wonder Woman for being a woman?

If you say ***th where? Well then you're a genius Gump because it's nowhere to be found. What you do see is a man who admires and love a powerful warrior woman. A man who values her like a precious gem. For not just her exterior beauty but for her inner. She is he rock, his shelter, his lover and his friend. If this isn’t the opposite of sexist I don’t know what is.

Misogynist- a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women

... Superman’s life is full of powerful women. His birth mother Lara, his adopted mother Martha and the combo of both of them Wonder Woman: a fierce warrior yet a gentle giant. This one... Your guess is as good as mine as to why Superman with Wonder Woman equals misogyny. Last time I checked Superman loved fierce women aka Wonder Woman. I guess a man wanting a woman who is his equal, who makes him want to be better, to be himself, to open up and let humanity see the real him and to vulnerable and let her take the lead... That is some sick twisted male fantasy.... You naughties... Male writers wanting women to stand on their own and shine without her man yet still love him! ROFL

And as a SMWW fan you know “the evil other” I guess my desire for that in my own life to have that level of love must make me misogynist...

Again does that remotely makes any kind of good sense? Nope... hence I say nice try my dear SMWW haters nice try... Sir Webster of the Land of Dictionary has slain pure stupid with his mighty sword of definitions.

Sometime you have to question the fact that... fandom is about loving something and not about hating people, places and things that don’t like what you do.

No one has the right to claim that anything has to be one way and any deviation from that “norm” is wrong... You know that fear of the evil other is a powerful tool. Those SMWW fans are EVIL.... INDEED...

If you get the WWF Kai En Tai reference brofist for you... Throwback Thursday

But like the politicians you use the fear of “the evil other” it comes back to bit them in the butt...

So I am sorry so many find SMWW inspiring.

I am sorry the fact the SMWW fans are happy about our shit and we aren’t ashamed to show it.

I am sorry you are constantly salty about SMWW toys, statues and fashion.

I am sorry that no matter how much you scream we can’t hear you because of

I am sorry that you can’t stay in your line and love your own ship as much as we do.

I am sorry that to each their own avids you.

And finally I’m sorry that SMWW fans won’t stop being happy about this

So SMWW haters be salty, bitter, rage throw a hissy fit, name call (again childish) over fiction. Being "other" means you are unique, different, overcomers and just plain sassy. So I end this with the wise words of Stone Cold Steve Austin.... And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said so!

Kisses haters xoxo


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