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One of the things that I love about The Flash is the huge amount of references to other pop culture icons and shows. There hasn't been a single episode without Cisco indirectly referencing one thing or the other. And he doesn't just blurt it out, the reference is just so cut out for the situation and that's what makes those moments so enjoyable. Remember the time he did that impression of Yoda, guys?


In 'Running To Stand Still', The Trickster (Mark Hamill) manages to place a hundred bombs at various locations around Central City. The Flash is unavailable, so it's upto Cisco, Wells and Jay Garrick to do something about it. Garrick and Wells come up with a plan to use one of the 52 existing wormholes to absorb a single bomb, which creates a magnetic field that attracts all of the other bombs. Their plan works and all the bombs are neutralized. Cisco's reaction seems to be a wee bit familiar.....

That seemed eerily like....

This could all be a simple coincidence. But since it's Cisco saying it, I think not.


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