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Hee name a Borat end he iz beck!

Our old friend Borat made a special appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show this week. The fake-Kazakh anti-semite wanted to express his hatred of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, as his un-PC 'loathing of the Jews' is what the surprising Kazakh star is famous for.

Borat had come with an important message that British Jew Sacha Baron Cohen had a new trailer for The Brothers Grimsby that one and all should avoid watching at all costs.

According to Borat, Cohen is an unfunny guy and is now the mastermind behind the 'Donald Trump character' after making despicable characters like Ali G and Austrian homosexual Bruno.

Although Kimmel tried to break it down to Borat that Trump is actually a real person, Borat was not having any of it. Borat was insinuating that the Trump character simply looks too low-budget for him to be anything other than a poorly executed fictional persona!

"Kazakh" custom that Borat greeted Jimmy with
"Kazakh" custom that Borat greeted Jimmy with

It's been a while since we've seen our audacious amigo Borat in full force like we did on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Of course, this was just Sacha's way of promoting his new flick The Brothers Grimsby, in which he plays Norman “Nobby” Grimsby, a football hooligan who enjoys the simpler things in life. He reunites with his estranged brother Sebastian Grimsby (played by Mark Strong) who has gone on to become a highly deadly assassin for MI6.

Check out the trailer here:

The plot centers around the brothers finding each other again in circumstances that will require them to work together to save the world.

Sounds hilarious!


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