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Considering how messed up the antihero clan of the Suicide Squad is, it comes as no surprise to hear the set of the 2016 film was completely crazy. Ike Barinholtz, who features in the film, talked all things insane on the Howard Stern Show.

Interesting, he was told in no uncertain terms that he wasn't allowed to divulge any information on his role. Perhaps surprising, consider Barinholtz himself said it's "not even a big f*cking deal."

Before we get on to the nitty gritty of what Barinholtz had to share from behind the screen, let's remind ourselves of the team with the official trailer, below:

Jared Leto WAS Completely Crazy on Set

Plenty of rumors have surfaced surrounding Leto's method approach to tackling the Joker. It's been one of the biggest talking points, and one of the most exciting aspects of the movie.

And, it turns out, the rumors were well founded, and Leto sounds legitimately insane. Barinholtz confirmed Leto sent a, let's say, interesting gift to Margot Robbie. In the movie, the Joker is in love with Margot's Harley Quinn. Barinholtz explained:

"This actor who plays the Joker's kind of lieutenant, walks in and he goes, 'Present for Ms. Quinn.' Hands her a box. She opens the box, and a live, giant black rat pops out. And we're like, 'What the f*ck is going on? That's crazy!'"

But it didn't end there, oh no. In another act of pure lunacy, the same lieutenant walked back in, and threw a dead pig on the table. During rehearsals. The porky carcas then leaked actual bullets. Eek.

Will Smith Spends Money Like It's Going Out of Fashion

As a boxing fan, Barinholtz was disappointed that a night shoot meant he couldn't watch the world title fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Well, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air stepped in, in possibly the most stylish manner humanly possible.

A man who, according to Barinholtz "only wants to buy people shit," said he'd deal with it. Barinholtz's expectation of a 32" flatscreen and a beer in Smith's trailer were completely blown out of the water - he created an auditorium by renting three theater screens, and even hired special catering for the event:

"He created a giant f*cking event. We'd shoot 7 hours then move into the auditorium and watch the fight. It probably cost around $200,000."

$200,000? Maybe he lost Focus after a Concussion or something? Or perhaps he's just on the Pursuit of Happyness.

Margot Robbie Inks People for Lolz

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, Harley Quinn herself had a tattoo gun and went on a tattooing spree with all of the cast. Although one particular design went slightly wrong:

"She has a tattoo gun, so [the cast would] get drunk and [she'd be] like, 'Alright, let me give you a tattoo. And one of the guys she tattooed, she made a big typo. And he was like, 'Oh it's cool, don't worry about it!'"

Hmm... I'm sure the fact it was Margot Robbie helped with not being too bothered by it.

And, Wait For It... Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff Put on a Free Gig for the Cast

Yup, Barinholtz also confirmed that Smith performed with the DJ for the entire cast. I don't need to elaborate anymore. It's already the best thing ever.

You can hear the interview in it's entirely below:

Source: Comic Book


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