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Ben Turner

MMA Fighter and occasional Hollywood star Ronda Rousey is currently laying low after her infamous defeat against Holly Holm back in November.

But it would probably cheer her up a bit to hear that she has one committed admirer in the form of Amber Rose.

Actually, Amber really likes Ronda, like a lot. Like a lesbian lot.

Just a thought, but Rousey and Rose could be such a powerhouse couple. Could you imagine? Amber Rousey is a pretty friendly name change which won't take too much effort to commit to memory.

As Amber Rose was getting into a vehicle, she was caught by TMZ Sports asking if she had Ronda's back.

Amber commented:


She then went on to say:

"She's my baby... I have lesbionic feelings for her."

The reporter then asked whether Rousey knew about Rose's feelings, to which she replied:

"She knows now."

Amber has also made her feelings known on her Twitter account:

I'm betting that Amber would be Ronda's type, as the former looks like she has her own set of street-smarts and you probably wouldn't want to get into a fight with Amber Rose either.


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