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Although many clueless adults dismiss Disney movies as simplistic kids' films, all of us fans know that the vast back catalog is full of subtle easter eggs, references, and insightful moments to unearth, explore and enjoy.

If you're not eagle eyed enough to spot all of these entertaining and sometimes educational references on your own, thankfully there are some incredibly switched on Tumblr users out there who have spotted some interesting details.

Although most of these items might look insignificant at first glance, under deeper examination they are actually very meaningful and below are the best of the bunch!

1. When They Realized This 'Toy Story' Throwaway Joke Was a Lot Smarter Than It First Looked

For those of you who aren't history buffs, Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France until 1792 when she was beheaded for treason during the French Revolution. Now it makes so much sense why heads must roll!

2. When They Totally Understood the Disney Creative Team's Tricks!

Adjectives are where it's at in the Magical Kingdom!

3. When They Did a Little Digging and Realized Mushu Shouldn't Name ANYTHING

Yeah, I'm not really sure if that is okay TBH, Mushu... It does stand as proof that Disney is always making clever jokes when you scratch the surface, though.

4. When They Had the Wisdom to Know Who the Best Disney Prince Really Is!

I have been saying this for years! Lilo and Stitch is so under-appreciated in so many ways and I'm glad Tumblr understands that!

5. When They Understood Why These Lovely Ladies Weren't Too Into Aladdin...

They don't call him 'street rat' for nothing!

6. When They Realized Lime Green Is an Evil Color in More Way Than One...

I should have told my mom this before she ill advisedly painted the kitchen...

7. When They Noticed Mother Gothel's Affection Was Always a Bit Hairy...

Why am I finding this so chilling? I knew there was something totally off with this woman from her entrance, but I never noticed how calculated she was...


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