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Gal Gadot's well on her way to becoming Wonder Woman - the latest Batman vs Superman trailer placed her front and center in DC's holy trinity, and the 2017 Wonder Woman solo movie has now begun filming. We've had our first official images from the set, and recent leaked photos reveal more of the plot than you'd expect!

It's Set In WWI

The rumors are true! The Wonder Woman will begin in a World War One setting, as confirmed by new set photos, probably just after the war ended.

Diana and Steve Trevor blend into the crowd.
Diana and Steve Trevor blend into the crowd.

It's possible we might see some flashbacks to the time of war, but here Diana is blending into the crowd as officers exchange their French francs for British pounds. She is joined by Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, and his role as a WWI fighter pilot implies that he'll become the Agent Peggy Carter of the DCEU.

So what does this tell us? Mostly, it confirms the fact that Wonder Woman is immortal, and this movie will be an origin story. Acting as something of a prequel to [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), the Wonder Woman movie will show how Diana has been saving lives before Bruce and Clark were even born.

Rumors have also stated that this movie will span several decades, taking us up to date with Batman vs Superman by the end.

Diana Prince: Wartime Nurse

It's highly likely that the Wonder Woman movie will present Diana Prince as a wartime nurse. This would line up with her comics origin: needing an alias so she could nurse the wounded Steve Trevor back to health, Diana took the identity of a World War II nurse and this became her day job. Of course, she was also a superhero on the side.

So how do we know this is a legitimate possibility for the film? Thanks to the working title!

Said Taghmaoui and Chris Pine on set
Said Taghmaoui and Chris Pine on set

As shown in this photo of Said Taghmaoui and Chris Pine, the working title for the film is Nightingale. Working titles are used while the film is in production, as an alias to prevent the movie location being overrun with fans. They can contain hints about the plot, and considering Florence Nightingale was one of the world's most famous wartime nurses, it's a fair bet that Wonder Woman will feature Diana in this role.

God Origins Confirmed

Thanks to DC Comics' many continuities, there are several Wonder Woman origin stories for the filmmakers to chose from. The classic tale has Diana as an Amazon, made from clay by Queen Hippolyta. The New 52 reset however, changed Diana's origin. This time around, she's the demigod daughter of Zeus, and instead of being ages old she's only 23.

Wonder Woman in the New 52
Wonder Woman in the New 52

The DC movies are definitely blending several continuities and creating a lot of elements for the films, like Doomsday's new origin story. Recently, producer Charles Rovan dropped a serious Wonder Woman hint to Collider, suggesting the movies will draw from the New 52 canon...

"Wonder Woman is Meta, if you will, although some might think that she’s a God."

So it looks like Wonder Woman will be considered a demigod in the new movies, rather than an Amazon warrior. Or maybe she'll be both. Admittedly, this quote isn't much to go on, but it's likely that the writers will take this opportunity to craft an origin story for Diana which fits the movie canon.

This is pretty much all we know about the Wonder Woman movie: though there are rumors that the main villains will be Ares and Circe, this has yet to be confirmed. One thing's for certain though - this movie is going to be awesome!

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