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Ben Turner

It seems that The Kardashian-West unit is now complete; Daddy Kanye, Mommy Kim, baby girl North and new baby boy Saint.

Even if Kim and Kanye would like to have more babies, it's not clear whether they would be able to due to the health risks associated with trying for another baby in Kim's position.

It has been reported that Kim had a very difficult delivery with baby number 2, having to deal with a placenta accreta (which means that the placenta has attached itself too deep into the wall of the uterus, something that happens statistically in 1 out of 2500 pregnancies).

To be fair, with global careers to manage, personal teams, reality shows, and now 2 kids to raise, I'm not sure Kimye are particularly thinking about a possible baby number 3 anytime soon.

Apparently, a reason for Saint's name is that he was truly a 'blessing' after the difficult pregnancy and placenta complications.

Check out what Saint's face might look like when he is older!

In light of these serious revelations, it's good to know in hindsight that Kim and Saint were both okay in the end.


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