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Ho ho ho!

Melissa McCarthy is taking those festive feels to another level in the seasonal campaign for her clothing brand, Seven7, in which you can see her peeking through a Christmas wreath, wrapped up in fairy lights and jauntily plucking a bauble from a tree - 'cause why not, right?

Fun christmas decorations aside though, McCarthy's range of stylish plus-sized clothing looks absolutely fabulous, and, may we add, so does she! Sparkling with confidence in every shot, the actress has never looked better.

Although she hasn't confirmed the exact amount of weight she's lost, if rumors are correct its upwards of 50 pounds. However, she's certainly not aiming for the stereotypical 'ideal', and believes that America's attitude towards women's bodies needs to change - hence the development of her own fashion line, which allows larger women to find fashionable items that look good.

"Only wear solids? Don't wear bright colors? That's not real. Somebody made up these rules, and I disagree. It's an odd thing that you can't go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section."
"I feel like there's a big thing missing where you can't dress to your mood above a certain number."

Well, you certainly seem to be helping McCarthy, these designs look awesome!

Source: MSN, Wonderwall, People


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