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Indie film is still alive and well, especially in the realm of horror. The Canadian film The Void raised $82,500 on Indiegogo just for practical effects, and the crew has already succeeded in creating the incredibly horrific monster.

Astron 6's Steven Kostanski is the mastermind behind the maquettes and castings of the beastly creature. He will be in charge of any and all effects you see, as this film is doing it "old school."

That's right, horror fans. You won't see one special effect as everything will be done practically. Isn't that refreshing?

Check out the chilling concept trailer below:

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As uncomfortable as the prosthetics must be, I think they are absolutely worth it. I am excited to see what they do with they money they've raised in order to bring us a truly hair-raising experience.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]


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