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The Kingdom Hearts series is famed for its beautiful music. But we're not only talking about Yoko Shimomura when we say that. In fact, some of the most famous songs from the franchise have come from a Japanese pop star by the name of, Utada Hikaru.

Hiakru has the remarkable ability of not only translating her music from Japanese into English, but then convincingly singing her songs in English too - so much so that you wouldn't know she was Japanese. Take 'Simple and Clean' for instance, which you can check out below. However, the pop star put her career on hold in 2010 in order to focus on normal life and her family.

Utada Hikaru Set To Resume Her Music Career

However, according to Yahoo! News Japan, it seems as though she may be set to return to her music career in Spring of 2016, with the release of a new album. An exciting prospect indeed. But as fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, we can't help but think of how her return to the music industry might impact on Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, finally having a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 would feel strange if we didn't have an Utada Hikaru theme song to enjoy during the opening.

A New Hikaru Theme For Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Here is the translated news from Yahoo! Japan:

Singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru (32) said on the 7th that she is set to resume music activities next spring for the first time in almost six years, reports Sports Hochi. In August 2010, she announced an indefinite hiatus, stating “I want to focus on everyday human stuff”. Following the death of her mother, singer Keiko Fuji (62), she married an Italian man, and though the day-to-day activities following the birth of her child have been eventful, she has decided to return. A large tie-in campaign is set to accompany her spectacular re-launch.

According to multiple sources, Utada is recording a new song for children being raised abroad. Though work was suspended for the birth of her baby, she has resumed in earnest, and a new album is expected next spring.
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Of course, there's been no mention of Kingdom Hearts. But with a new album potentially on the way for Spring 2016, we could definitely see one of these songs making its way into the opening of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3. But what do you guys think? Do you want to see Utada Hikaru return for the next Kingdom Hearts game? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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