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In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting last week, which left 14 people dead and 21 wounded, patience is wearing thin, and proponents of stricter gun control laws are coming together to speak out. Recently, Everytown launched a powerful video for their campaign.

By enlisting the help of celebrities, they have come together with one powerful message:

We can end gun violence.

The video shows a stream of faces, famous and not, imploring viewers to take a stand against gun violence. From Amy Schumer to President Barack Obama, hearing these voices repeating those five words is extremely moving. Watch the video below to hear their pleas:

According to their website, here is a list of Everytown's goals in releasing the video and spreading the movement.

"We Can"

We need to demand background checks for all gun sales, as states with these laws have 46% fewer women shot to death by intimate partners and 48% fewer firearms suicides.

"End Gun Violence"

We need to elect candidates at all levels of government who will support gun safety laws, and vote out politicians standing in the way of progress.

Let's do it!

We need to build political power across the country, from Nevada to New Mexico, Maine to Minnesota.

You can also join Everytown's movement! Visit their website, record yourself saying "We Can" or "End Gun Violence," and your video will be combined with other messages from survivors and celebrities who support the campaign. Add your voice today!

(Source: Evertytown, YouTube)


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