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Ever get the feeling you're being watched, stalked in the darkness of Velen's forests, pursued by a faceless shadow with some unknown, sinister intention? I'm not talking about the relentless Wild Hunt in The Witcher 3, but a sneaky individual that poses an even greater threat: Gaunter O’Dimm. Take a long, hard look at him...

Recognize that face? You should, as he's a recurring NPC character in the main game. O’Dimm also plays a pivotal role in The Witcher 3's first expansion Heart of Stone, but I won't spoil too much of his story here. The important thing is, experienced players have seen this mysterious man many, many times. The question is, were you watching closely?

In October, developers CD Projekt Red launched a competition to find and take pictures of “the man in glass” (O’Dimm's nickname). The trouble is, no one could do it, the stalker blending in with others so well. As they say, the devil hides among us.

Luckily, Kotaku contacted CD Projekt Red asking them for his sneaky cameo appearances, which they've kindly pointed out below:

Pretty creepy, huh? Did you spot your sinister secret admirer? Make sure you keep an eye out for him, travelers – there's no telling what he plans to do...

[Via: Kotaku]


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