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Last month we were all wowed by the reveal of Linkle, the long rumored genderbent version of the Hero of Time himself, who would be making her grand entrance as a playable character in the 3DS bound Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Now after being revealed to almost unanimous praise, it looks as if Nintendo is nowhere near done with Linkle and is contemplating bringing the Heroine of Time into future Zelda games.

In an interview with IGN, legendary Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma discussed the big N's plans for their latest newcomer. When quizzed on the larger implications Linkle might have on the Zelda franchise, Aonuma replied, “I'm sure we will keep her in mind when thinking about future titles."

Which is an exciting prospect, don't you think? Imagine a future Zelda title where both Link and Linkle work together to save their worlds, with you being able to switch between the two at will. Or even a standalone Linkle title where she attempts to stop the villainous Ganondorfia from destroying Hyrule for like the 800th time.

Linkle was first introduced as Link's sister in an exclusive art book for Hyrule Warriors. But that all swiftly changed after Aonuma sauntered into focus:

Koei Tecmo first proposed the Linkle character as Link's little sister for the Wii U version of 'Hyrule Warriors'. However, we felt this conflicted with the concept of Aryll from 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker', the only character we had ever had appear as Link's sister, so we decided not to include that version.
In 'Hyrule Warriors Legends', though, the proposal was to include Linkle not as Link's sister, but as a girl with heroic aspirations. This was a totally new and unique background for the franchise, and we thought she would add to the game's diversity, so we decided to include her in this game.

All I'm saying is, I can't wait to take down hordes of enemies with her twin crossbows, and I'm looking forward to journeying with her through Hyrule in future games.

I wonder if she'll be included in the last Smash Bros. DLC pack? That'd be outrageous!

(Source: IGN)


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