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It would seem that superhero superstar Rocksteady is limbering up in preparation of tackling their next big project. There is no word on what exactly this project will be or who indeed will take a starring role – what we do know however is that their new project will be multiplayer!

Rocksteady is responsible for one of the best Batman video game series' ever created. The Batman Arkham games wowed audiences worldwide – with stunning graphics, slick gameplay and a storyline to kill for! For the first time ever, players felt that this new series truly allowed them to become their childhood hero, it allowed them to become – The Batman.

Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Knight earlier this year, the game received glowing reviews across the board including an 9/10 from us – heralded as "The crowning jewel to a golden series."

There is a down side, however – sad faces – Arkham Knight was the last in the highly acclaimed Batman Arkham series. There are to be no more Arkham games to come out of Rocksteady.

This doesn't at all mean that there will be no more Batman games to come – it just means that any new game will not revolve around their previous Arkham premise. WB Games came out earlier this year and stated that there are "endless possibilities" for new Batman games but they will not focus around older themes. Good news for Batman fans.

The new project

It would appear that Rocksteady is now actively seeking a new member to join their already, very talented team. Found by NeoGAF user Nirolak, Rocksteady is currently seeking a new multiplayer team leader and senior multiplayer network programer. The job description goes on to state that the new applicants must have "worked on at least two successfully published multiplayer titles."

The listing also states that these new members must be able to "manage a growing team of network coders" – this is not leaving much to the imagination. The above listing heavily suggests that Rocksteady's next project will have significant multiplayer focus.

But what?

The reality of the situation is this – it could be another Batman game but it certainly will not be another Arkham game. It has a very high possibility of being a DC based superhero game – Arkham Knight sure had a lot of easter eggs thrown in that would lead us to this conclusion.

It may focus on one star, Superman perhaps or The Flash, but it is likely that it will focus on encompassing more than one hero. This then, could lead us to believe that Rocksteady is working on an all new Injustice game or Avengers type of video game.

The real beauty of the situation is that the possibilities are endless, and with options like these, whatever the outcome – you know that it is going to be one heck of a good game.

Whatever it is they are working on over there, I for one am extremely excited to see what they come up with. As far as superhero games go – Rocksteady is currently the best dev team out there to deliver a quality end product. The devil is always in the detail and this is a concept that Rocksteady has a firm grasp on when it comes to narratives and superhero authenticity.

Bring it on Rocksteady – we're ready!

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