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American Horror Story: Hotel is heating up, and the promo for episode 10, 'She Gets Revenge' suggests that a lot of the disparate plot lines may be finally coming together.

Check out the promo for 'She Gets Revenge'!

After viewing the promo, here's 5 things that are gonna happen in episode 10, 'She Gets Revenge'. There will be spoilers, obviously, but why would you be reading an article about episode 10 if you weren't caught up, right?

1. She Gets Revenge

Iris and Liz Taylor, joint presidents of the 'We Hate The Countess Club,' are plotting. After being betrayed by Donovan, maybe the 'She' who 'Gets Revenge' is Iris? Or 'She' could be the lovely Liz Taylor - maybe they'll free Ramona? Their conversation in the promo certainly hints at some plotting:

Iris: "I'm guessing you still have plenty of unfinished business left on your plate"

Liz: "Knowing the Countess, it's only a matter of time before she slits my throat"

2. Natacha's Knife

After persuading Rudy that he's better off without Natacha, The Countess is gonna have a showdown with her former lover... and I don't fancy Natacha's chances! In the promo, Natacha advances on Elizabeth shrieking:

"We should have killed you after our first tango!"

3. The Kids Aren't Alright

Surprise, surprise, Alex Lowe's deranged idea to let a vampire kid loose in LA ended with a whole bunch of killer measles-vampire children. Things only look like they're getting worse for Alex, seen in the promo crouching over a dead/unconscious kid (who looks like Madeline, the first kid turned in the school) while little patient Zero, Max, screams:

'Get away from her!'

4. Bitch Better Have My Wifey

After discovering that he's the Ten Commandments Killer, getting a child run over, killing a colleague and boning a mad, dead junkie, John Lowe has suddenly decided he cares about his wife again, with the following interchange between John and louche murderer James Patrick March:

John: "Where's my wife?"

James: "I find spouses to be a distraction"

5. Will Drake Returns!

Despite seeing Ramona spill Will Drake's blood last week, he's up and about again. It seems that The Countess is still making threats towards him, this time using Drake's son, little Lachlan against him:

"I don't kill children but I might make him a blood relative."

Did I miss any subtle hints in the AHS: Hotel promo for 'She Gets Revenge'? Let us all know anything you've spotted in the comments!

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