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This year's Game of the Year award was handed out to what some consider to be one of the best RPGs ever made. The Witcher 3 is a modern masterpiece, and for many us, it's a gamer's dream. This title has raised the bar for this genre, and every AAA RPG that follows will naturally be compared with the work of CD Projekt RED.

But seeing Fallout 4 compete alongside it this year has made us analyse the work of Bethesda. The game certainly had its problems - problems that we don't want The Elder Scrolls 6 to repeat - but we're wondering whether these problems can be fixed by examining the work of CD Projekt RED. Does Elder Scrolls 6 need to follow in the footsteps of The Witcher 3?

How The Witcher 3 Can Teach Elder Scrolls 6

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3

There are various areas that CD Projekt RED essentially mastered when it came to The Witcher 3. While Bethesda is certainly a well-respected developer in the gaming world, the same level of mastery wasn't in sight when it came to Fallout 4. Therefore, here are some of the areas we'd like to see Bethesda improve upon for the release date of Elder Scrolls 6.


Seriously, this needs fixing. While Fallout 4 certainly looks a fair bit better than Skyrim, it's far from what we've come to expect from modern AAA titles. The Witcher 3 is an absolutely stunning game, and quite possibly the most beautiful title on the XBOX One and PS4. With all of Bethesda's funds and staff, we really felt like Fallout 4 would be a more visually impressive title. However, fans were quick to hate on the game's visuals when the first trailer was revealed. Elder Scrolls 6 needs to step things up, and we'd really like to see a new engine.

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3


I don't know what the future is going to hold for Elder Scrolls 6, but if there's one thing that needs fixing, it's the series' gameplay. Melee attacks in Skyrim are a joke, and offer very little in terms of enjoyment. You just mash the attack button and hope the enemy eventually falls. Shouts were a welcome change, but even two handed magic needs work. How can they improve on this?

Fallout 4 did a great job of making its combat an absolute blast. You can actually play the game like an actual shooter, in comparison with the awful mechanics of Fallout 3. Perhaps we could see something similar happen with Elder Scrolls 6, but there's no way Bethesda are going to make it completely 3rd person. Therefore, it may be impossible to match the level of quality and depth that The Witcher 3's gameplay exudes.

The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls

RPG Elements

Fallout 4 became more of a shooter than an RPG, and you can see a lot of fans were disappointed by the game's lack of depth in this department. Seeing as the game doesn't feature a level cap, you can essentially become an indestructible hulk. But what we desire from RPGs is to create a unique build. We want to create a character that feels like our own, and the RPG progression system failed to give us the same amount of depth that Skyrim did.

Additionally, conversations need serious work if they're to surpass the work of Fallout 4. We need more expansive dialogue trees, along with improved conversations. The Witcher 3 has superb writing, and the way in which you could make Geralt into the witcher you've always wanted to be was perfect. Elder Scrolls 6 needs the same level of satisfaction.

What Do You Want From its Release Date?

Elder Scrolls 6
Elder Scrolls 6

But where do you stand on Fallout 4? Were you a fan of The Witcher 3? And do you think that The Elder Scrolls 6 needs to incorporate elements from this game into its design? Let us know in the comments below!


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