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We're going to see another Murder House crossover character in American Horror Story: Hotel! Watch this clip from Season 1, episode 9, 'Spooky Little Girl' - can you guess which character is coming back?

If you guessed mystic Billie Dean Howard, then you would be correct! EW announced that Sarah Paulson's seance-lovin' Season 1 character is returning in the final episode of American Horror Story: Hotel:

In the finale, we’ll learn that Billie Dean has her own reality series focusing on her psychic abilities and comes to the Cortez thinking it would be prime setting for an episode.

This isn't the first Murder House reference we've seen in American Horror Story: Hotel - we've seen the Harmons's real estate agent, Marcy, pop up in Hotel Episode one...

Marcy and her dog, Hallie
Marcy and her dog, Hallie

... and we saw The Countess return to the Murder House itself with a botched abortion attempt from Dr Montgomery, resulting in the birth of her vicious child creature, Bartholomew.

Elizabeth visits the Murder House in Season 5
Elizabeth visits the Murder House in Season 5

It's a bold move to bring back a character played by Sarah Paulson when she's already present in the season (as unstable addict Hypodermic Sally) but the precedent is already set: Finn Wittrock plays two roles in American Horror Story: Hotel, first as troubled model Tristan Duffy then as The Countess's long lost love, Rudolfo Valentino.

Are you looking forward to seeing even more of the lovely Sarah Paulson?

Source: EW, Youtube


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