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Fallout 4 is absolutely packed to the brim with cool stuff to do, and mini games that would astound even the most die hard anti-gamer. But did you know you could play basketball in the post-apocalyptic shooter? Yes... basketball.

One of FO4's many unknown features is being able to pick up objects in-game and do dumb and increasingly hilarious stuff with them.

Similar to this terrifying radroach's bin armor
Similar to this terrifying radroach's bin armor

And if you've been avidly indulging in the wasteland's plentiful bounties, you would've come across basketballs and hoops dotted around the world. And finally they have another use instead of being a great source of rubber.

If you did wanted to combine the two and have a go at passing time in the wasteland by shooting hoops, using the game's tetchy physics system you may sometimes be able to actually hit the basket! Or the backboard. Yeah... mainly the backboard.


Highlighting this with aplomb is YouTuber DefendTheHouse, who, in a home made display of unflinching patience, goes on an (in-game) drug fueled adventure through some of the most ridiculous trick shots any baller would be in awe of seeing. Think a post-apocalyptic Harlem Globetrotters. Or New Harlem Radrotters! Anyone? Radrott--, okay I'll leave.

Check out this video and be amazed, lone wanderer:

That was pretty... dope, right? Man how I'd love to see a NBA game fueled by Jet.

What about you?

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