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Just Cause 3's destructive Mediterranean playground Medici is stuffed full of secret easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. These are some of the best pop culture references hidden away in the game's world. Find every one of them below, along with map coordinates pointing you towards each's exact location.

There's Always Money In the 'Arrested Development' Banana Stand

Location: N 40 44.141 E 5 38.486

The hit cult TV show is honored with this awesome Bluth banana stand knock off, tucked away in Citate Di Ravello. True to the show, blowing up the frozen banana stand will spray money out in a shower of red hot raining glory.

Doge Mode Is Such Amaze!

Location: N 40 43.383 E 5 37.050

This famous Internet meme gets a cheeky nod in the form of an adorable pooch hanging out in the town of Soliana (situated in the Massos region). Go to the flag you liberated the town with, turn around and you'll see a garage. Next to the garage is a junkyard in which you'll find a puppy sporting a blue bandana.

Lead the dog across the road to his dog house, at which point you'll unlock 'Doge mode.' Turning it on results in messages like “Such hit,” “Amaze” and “Much holes.”

Find A Functional Stargate

Location: N 40 42.217 E 5 35.087

This wormhole-like device is found inside a silo in Porto Darsena, but it won't simply unlock for everybody -- you have to know the secret code. On the row of switches next to the tunnel input 1 4 3 4 2 1 (from left to right) and open sesame. Entering the device will teleport you across the map!

Light A 'Dark Souls' Bonfire

Location: 40 41.215 E 5 35.027

Dark Souls, known for its crippling difficulty, is a far cry from Just Cause 3, but that doesn't mean the developers are above giving this fantastic game its due respect. Fly over to Cauda and find the giant rock formations situated at the coordinates above. Here you'll find a welcome bonfire, which you can even light by pressing Y (though don't expect to cache in any souls doing so).

Try To Lift Thor's Hammer

Location: N 40 48.564 E 5 40.862

You can actually find the mythological weapon Mjolnir in the Grande Pastura region. The hammer is lying in a crater that bears a striking resemblance to its resting place in Iron Man's post-credits scene. No matter how hard you try – whether using grappling hooks, C4, tanks, helicopters, whatever – Thor's hammer simply won't budge. But still, it's a nifty little touch to what's already a damn awesome game.


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