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Warning: If you haven't watched Episode 409 "Dark Waters", please, stay away from this article. There will be spoilers.

The mid-season finale of Arrow was quite the thrill-ride, and left fans either crying into their pillows, or screaming at the television gods. Darhk's ultimate plan to end Star City. Oliver's backstory on Lian Yu. The final scene. I don't think that we'll be at a lack of things to talk about over the holiday break.

All that being said, I don't want to deal with Felicity's purported death (I told you there would be spoilers!) or Andy, or the probability that Alex is a villain. Or even that explosive arrow, though that was pretty cool. I want to talk about Bloom. What is Bloom, you might ask? Well, as best I can, I shall answer.

Who is Mr. Bloom?

Hippie Slenderman
Hippie Slenderman

No, he's not actually Slenderman. Having appeared in only five issues of Batman comics, Mr. Bloom is completely shrouded in mystery. No backstory, no explanation for his powers, and no reasoning behind his actions. Bloom gives "seeds" to individuals, giving them power, but also killing them. According to Comic Vine, Bloom "is described as representing the weeds and cracks that keep sprouting in society between different groups based on dissatisfaction with the status quo. Anyone with the right motivation could become Mr. Bloom."

He's a weed, never able to be fully uprooted. Since Bruce Wayne has been temporarily replaced by James Gordon in the comics, Mr. Bloom is playing the role of the Joker to the Commissioner. And he's an everyman sort of character. He could come from anywhere. And the character is human, through and through. No magic, no mutation. This makes it even easier for it to literally be anyone.

Darhk's Seedy Plan

Last night we saw Damien Darhk, who I think is one of the best villains in the Flarrowverse, introduce his master plot to destroy Star City. Thanks in part to Oliver, he developed an algae-based gas that was lethal in seconds. And then he almost used it on Felicity, Diggle and Thea. His plan was to release this gas on Star City, killing everyone.

At multiple points through the scene at the gas chamber, Darhk used the word bloom. Yes, this is the term for rapid growth of algae, but I have a theory that it might be for something different. What if the Flarrowverse is preparing to introduce Bloom?

Well, that's not scary...
Well, that's not scary...

We've seen that Arrow is not beyond borrowing Batman villains. Both Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke have been major bad guys on the show, along with Deadshot, Firefly and Dollmaker. And as we've seen on Flash, the writers aren't afraid to introduce new or lesser-known characters. This gives Bloom a good shot, should the television gods approve, at making an episode or two in Arrow. He's relatively unknown, but scary enough to make an excellent villain.

How would that happen? Well, say Darhk gets his algae junk working, and in the season finale, is able to spread some of it to the people of Star City. One man, or woman, survives, but is changed into a monster. Perhaps a season or so down the road, they rear their ugly head, providing something completely unexpected and new for Team Arrow.

Could Bloom already be in Star City?

A lovely theory, certainly. But how could something that kills instantly turn someone into a monstrous villain? It really couldn't, even though we are talking about comic books. Here's my theory: Damien Darhk is Mr. Bloom. Yes, Darhk has shorter arms, and Bloom doesn't have magic. However, Dahrk is a villain with no backstory, a plant-based attack on the city, and very stylish attire. Both characters are calculating, and sinister. And both are just men with a higher, albeit sadistic, calling.

Could Darhk be blossoming in Star City?
Could Darhk be blossoming in Star City?

More importantly, Dahrk is coming up through the cracks of society. Bloom is described as someone who appears in the discord, and in the ruin. When did Dahrk appear? As Ra's threatened to destroy what was then Starling City. He then rooted himself in the city as a businessman, and soon had almost every major player in his pocket. Now, he's threatening to destroy the city with a "bloom" of poisonous gas. He also gives power to his ghosts, but takes their lives as payment. Now, like a weed, Darhk wants to choke the life out of the city.

Yes, that's a lot of analogy and symbolism, but in essence, what is Mr. Bloom but symbolism? I'm not saying that Darhk will suddenly start wearing a flower mask, but in a sense, he is Mr. Bloom. Now, it's entirely possible that I'm just taking scientific terminology and putting way too much thought into it. I could be completely off about it being Darhk. But then again, this is a comic book show. Never take anything for granted.

But what do you think? Is Bloom going to appear in the Flarrowverse? Is Damien Darhk more than he already appears to be? Or would Bloom be a meta-human? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, or if you're feeling really adventurous, write about it! I look forward to hearing your ideas!


Has Bloom entered Star City?


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