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The Empire attack the Rebel Fleet on Garel, Kanan and Ezra return to Lothal and find a former prisoner with knowledge about Ezra's parents.

Ezra has a vision about his parents and where they just might be as well as a glimpse into the future. This is something that a Jedi goes through at some point in time I am just surprised that it is happening to Ezra this soon. He tells Kanon and Hera about the vision and tells them how real it felt and they decide to tell him something that Zebo told them. They know that his parents were taken to an Empire prison but no one has been able to find them.

Agent Kallus teams up with the Inquisitors to go find the Rebel Fleet and Ghost Group on Lothal.

Ezra uses the force to find his parents on a list and uses it to try to locate his parents. He is hasty to go and find them while Zeb and Chopper are out getting supplies. Just as the gang are ready to leave Star Destroyers fill the sky as the Empire is ready to make a new attack.

Kanon and Ezra go to help Zeb so they can escape together, Agent Kallus pins them down so they can't escape. Ezra decides to take on Kallus all by himself using the force and them down. The Inquisitors show up and challenge Ezra and he tries to take them on by himself because he is so worked up. Luckily Kanon blasts the door and closes it before they get through, they head for the ship so they can escape.

The Empire decides to use tractor beams to prevent their ship from escaping the atmosphere and even sends Tie-Fighters after them. The Rebel Fleet are scrambled and Hera has Kanon and Ezra leave the fleet so they have a chance to find Ezra's parents. The Empire focuses on the command ship with the tractor beam and Sabine comes up with a plan to send torpedoes that will hit the ship so they won't get captured. While at the same time taking on two Tie-Fighters.

The Fleet stay together and even use Light Speed to escape. Meanwhile Kanon and Ezra arrive at Lothal and when they get there it is very quiet and empty. The Empire destroyed a lot of the city and a lot of the evidence of his parents too. He uses the force to focus on what he should look for and finds a Loth cat that was in his vision. He plants a tracker on it and follows it to an empty area where a sniper begins to shoot at him.

The sniper turns out to be a former prisoner who knew his parents and even knows that they died. His parents died after helping other rebellion sympathizers escape the prison and Ezra's messages help motivate them to escape. Ezra remembers what his home used to look like and even what his parents were like as they remind him to be strong as the empire shows up.

This was definitely a more real down to earth episode, with the death and even differences of Ezra's parents have real emotion behind it. I noticed how we go a hint of the anger that Ezra has in him and even how he was able to take on Kallus and even the Inquisitors if it weren't for Kanon to prevent him from going to the Dark Side. Either way it is going to be interesting seeing where this will go in the future. I think that next week will be the mid-season finale of Season 2 and I can't wait to see what will happen.


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