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I don't know the exact date it happened. I do know it was around mid 2014 when we suddenly found ourselves deciding to make a film. There was no lightning bolt, no life changing events that compelled us to grab our cameras and tell our story, the best I can remember is that it evolved, over time, from many conversations about our love of films in general. We didn't know it then, but that was the day IRONSTAR FILMS was born.

We were four guys with no real filming experience other than some comedy skits on YouTube and an keen interest in messing around with photography, editing and VFX. We suddenly found ourselves with a 25 page script to film and not a clue how to do it. Reality kicked in, we decided to pull back a bit, go low key... so we shot a trailer.

With no actors (because we didn't know any!) but a great location in a old factory in Arbroath, Scotland we set about making our BLOODLOSS trailer. We worked hard, we made mistakes, we learned and we got better, but most of all we had fun.

In the end we proved to ourselves we could do it, we posted it online, thought nothing of it and set about planning the film shoot. We knew we could shoot it, but could we act? The trailer hadn't needed much acting. We were beginning to get worried!

Check out the teaser for 'BLOODLOSS'


We shouldn't have been, within hours of the trailer going live we had Facebook messages and emails from actors all across the UK wanting to be considered for a part in Bloodloss. We were amazed at the response. I still am, if I'm being honest.

Tom Ingram and Alan Cuthbert on location
Tom Ingram and Alan Cuthbert on location

We brought in experienced makeup artists Hayley Tinline and Samantha Jack to create the look of the character Abi, as well as make all our bloody FX looks as good as possible. We pulled in as many friends and family as we could to be helpers and finally we were ready!


30 cast and crew, 25 pages of script, 3 locations, 1 Black Magic camera,1 Rode mic, and a handful of lights descended on our locations for two freezing cold days in November to finally shoot our film. Hard work... yes; 14 hours shooting, then staying up, to make sure we were ready for the next day before grabbing a couple of hours sleep. Hard work? We were all knackered, but it was great fun at the same time, everybody pulled together. It's so much easier when your working with a great cast and crew.

With the exception of the bulbs blowing every time someone used the kettle, the weekend ran without any real problems., granted we ran ourselves ragged. I've never been so tired and elated at the same time as when we wrapped.

'BlOODLOSS' (full film)


Bloodloss spent four months in post production as we edited, completed VFX work, Foley, and sourced local musicians for the soundtrack. On March 27th we held our premiere at the Webster theatre in Arbroath to a near sell-out crowd of around 350 people. It was the most surreal experience I have ever had, I couldn't sit with the crowd, I watched from the balcony, which is something I regret. I wished I had stayed right in the middle of it to see the reactions, good or bad.


Despite being our debut short, despite being 25 minutes long, and despite us having no expectations other than trying to produce a film that was worthy of the amazing support that we had from friends, family, and the local community, BLOODLOSS has appeared in 16 festivals worldwide to date. It has picked up special mentions, and been highly commended at the Best International Horror Awards. We are blown away by how well it has done. But we hope we can do even better.

We are proof that if you have an idea, the desire and a good group of people around you, then there are no barriers, just pick up that camera and go shoot your movie. If nothing else, the experience is worth it!


After Bloodloss, next up is our second short THE CLEARING, an other-worldly tale that has let us try a few FX tricks. Also with around three releases planned for 2016. It's going to be a busy year. We will share our ups and downs of our filmmaking journey right here. Why don't you follow us?

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