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The war between DC comics and Marvel has been raging for years, mainly between the fans as the two massive powerhouses sit back and relax, raking in the publicity.

However, with each vying for dominance in the world of live-action television programs and huge blockbuster movies, the competition is getting real. With upcoming movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War on the horizon, which movie will claim the title of top comic book movie of 2016?

'Captain America: Civil War' is record-breaking!

It's fairly well known that the trailer for Captain America: Civil War was hugely popular, which according to Marvel reached 61 million global online views in it's first 24 hours! This broke the previous record which was held by Avengers: Age of Ultron, and was still an impressive 34 millions views.

This means that Civil War had over double the number of views than was reached by the first Batman v Superman trailer, which hit a maximum of 30.1 million in 24 hours, according to Variety.

The second Batman v Superman trailer then took a dip, hitting just 23.2 million.

This seems to imply that Marvel's Civil War is winning the online battle against DC's Batman v Superman. However, WSJ reports that DC Entertainment, the producer of BvS "came out swinging" against Warner Bros. Civil War with their third -- and presumably final -- trailer for the long-awaited DC showdown.

Although the third and final trailer for BvS won't be winning any awards for most views in 24 hours, it did launch the online community into an unprecedented level of discussion.

So apparently where trailers 1 and 2 didn't create much of a wake, lucky number 3 sent Twitter into chaos.

Now, I won't spoil it for anyone who is avoiding the trailers, however, based on the global reaction we can speculate that the Twitter uproar could be a consequence of a certain villain having been revealed.

The debate: 'Batman v Superman' vs. 'Captain America: Civil War'

So... although Batman v Superman could be gaining headway in the online discussion as a consequence of negative press and discussion surrounding the amount they revealed in the third trailer, they're still pulling ahead of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

However, despite Civil War not managing to generate that much online traffic, their sheer volume of views speaks for itself.

Perhaps the Marvel fans are just keeping quiet, and Civil War is preparing to reach a huge number of viewings in its opening weekend.

Or is it possible that the huge controversy and level of discussion surrounding DC's Batman v Superman will lead to an impressive level of attendance in the cinema in the week of its release?

'Batman v Superman' hits theaters on March 26, and 'Captain America: Civil War' arrives May 5 2016.


Join the debate! Which are you more excited for: 'Batman V Superman' or 'Captain America: Civil War'?

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