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Do you remember that awesome star wars video game ? The one that goes by the name of 1313, thats right star wars 1313 and it may still get released, the game was revealed at E3 2012, and was put on hold on April 3 2012, and since no news on it as been released, until now,

The game was to be the first Star Wars game to have a mature dark and gritty setting, staring Boba Fett and would utilize gadgets simular to Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and the player would have the ability to use the force and light sabers, you can watch the gameplay demo presentation below

In a interview with Lucasfilm's president Kathleen Kennedy suggest we may still have hope

Our attitude is, we don't want to throw any of that stuff away, It's gold. And it's something we're spending a lot of time looking at, pouring through, discussing, and we may very well develop these things further, We definitely want to, that material also includes Star Wars: Underworld, the live-action TV series with a similar premise to Star Wars 1313

So we may be getting Star Wars 1313 after all, and a TV series as well,

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