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Max Muss

So Tarzan (1999) was pretty much my childhood and is still one of my all time favorite movies and I also really enjoyed the original novel so I have pretty high expectations, but a couple of things:

1. The CGI for the gorillas is pretty bad and considering how much they spent on the cast, they could have at least done a bit better on the gorillas. I'm hoping that this isn't the final look of the CGI.

2. Gorillas are not that skinny and they got the proportions of the gorillas way off

3. Gorillas are not that agile!! Gorillas can't jump out of a tree house and grab a vine mid fall and swing!! Gorillas simply can not do that. They are too big and heavy and not nearly that agile

4. This movie is basically a sequel story, but its not a sequel... so are they going to do flash backs or just assume that everyone knows the original story?

5. I could be wrong, but it seems that Sabor, the murderous leopard who killed Tarzan's parents in the disney movie, is now just Djimon Honsou in a leopard tribal mask and suit. (in the original book "Sabor" is a general term for lioness and it was actually Kerchak who killed Tarzan's dad)

6. Tarzan has a tattoo on his shoulder... and based on the fact that his shoulder is red it seems like a fresh tattoo... in the middle of a rainy jungle (This isn't such a big deal)

7. Gorillas can't swing like that!

I must say though that the cast is incredible and I really hope this movie does well!


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