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Major SPOILERS from Marvel's Jessica Jones ahead...

Based on all the action in Marvel's Jessica Jones, there is, what appears, to be a new team in town. Looks like the MCU has it's latest group of mad scientists. It may not be certain if they are all bad, or all good, as usual, but they are causing quite a stir. There have been a couple of well written posts here on MoviePilot about how they arrived on the scene. Here is one from Shannon McShortall, is that your real name Shannon? I would have gone with Hector Von Weebig. Here is another from Andrew Habashy. As for me, I wanted to take a moment to get my head straight about the players that Team IGH have (or seem to have) created or influenced.

Team IGH founder Frederick Frankenstein?
Team IGH founder Frederick Frankenstein?

Simply put, it looks to me like (strictly referring to the Jessica Jones series), in order, Team IGH (may) have influenced the lives of the following four super powered humans.

1 - Kevin Thompson AKA Zebediah Killgrave AKA The Purple Man

AKA David Tennant in #beastmode#beastmode" title="AKA David Tennant in ">
AKA David Tennant in

As played by David Tennant, Kilgrave is one of the most terrifying villains in the MCU. His body produces pheromones which allow him to verbally control the actions of others. This ability is directly linked to experiments performed on him BY HIS PARENTS! That would mess anybody up. The lab experiments may have been IGH related.

2 - Jessica Jones AKA Jewel AKA Jessica Jones

AKA Kristen Ritter #superhot#superhot" title="AKA Kristen Ritter ">
AKA Kristen Ritter

In an award winning caliber performance by "Don't trust the B..." star Kristen Ritter, again, we find a child's life being changed at the intersection of IGH Ave & Parent St.. As her father is not paying attention to the road while driving, the family car rear ends a box truck. Now, this box truck may have contained some sort of IGH chemicals that spill on her, replicating the Frank Miller DareDevil origin, or, more likely, she was on the edge of death and got shot up with some IGH hormone type thing related to the other experiments.

3 - Luke Cage AKA Power Man AKA Bad [email protected]#$%&

AKA Michael Coulter #unbreakable#unbreakable" title="AKA Michael Coulter ">
AKA Michael Coulter

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this character as played by Michael Coulter. Chances are IGH used Luke Cage as a guinea pig leaving him with unbreakable skin AND his eternally pissed off demeanor.

4 - Officer Will Simpson AKA Sgt. Will Simpson AKA "Nuke" Simpson

AKA Wil Traval #dupe #flunky#dupe " title="AKA Wil Traval ">
AKA Wil Traval

I confess, not my favorite character in the series. Played by Wil Traval, Officer Simpson is duped by Kilgrave into trying to kill Trish among other things. His powers are coming from a set of red, white, and blue pills administered by a Dr. Kozlov.

"We're going to do important things together."

―Kozlov to Will Simpson

My guess is Kozlov is the first of the IGH scientists to enter the picture. He seems to be experimenting with an alternative super soldier program that will eventually lead to Nuke Simpson. In the MCU, he is not Nuke yet; I think he will be an ongoing dupe/ flunky that gets his ass kicked like it's his job (and it may be, to test the limits of the drug). I'm saying he'll be back working for someone in Marvel's The Defenders sporting the face tattoo, that shows that he has lost his mind.

Almost all the main characters in the show are influenced by IGN. Trish stole some of the pills to up her game and ultimately become "Hellcat" (just learning some Krav Maga ain't gonna do it - haha). Jeri Hogarth/ slimy lawyer, you do the math. I'm sure there's more, I would love to hear what you think.


Who do you think will be the most valuable player on Team IGH?


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